Chord Company Unveils First Ever Power Blocks

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Chord Company is known for providing high-end power accessories for a variety of audio systems. They have 38 years of manufacturing expertise and are using that experience to develop their first power distribution device. The PowerHAUS uses high-quality, heavy-gauge cables throughout, with sockets chosen not just for their reliability, but also their sound performance. A high-performance 16-amp IEC allows the PowerHAUS blocks to cope with even the most demanding home audio systems.

There are two different PowerHAUS blocks to choose from, the studio level S6, and the flagship level M6. The flagship M6 offers the best outright performance and utilizes three hybrid MainsARAYs fitted in parallel (rather than in series). The S6 retains many of the M6’s core features, yet introduces a lower price point, despite offering a significant improvement over standard mains distribution blocks.

Virtually every component utilized inside the PowerHAUS is uncompromising and has been manufactured specifically for its intended purpose. Accordingly, both the M6 and S6 avoid the use of noisy filters, neon power indicators, and switches, all of which reduce sound quality. Their solid aluminum construction also minimizes the effects of microphony.


Six output sockets (UK or Euro)
Input socket: 16 amp
Outlet ratings: 13 amp (UK)/16 amp (EU)
Rated power and/or current: max 16 A
Supply voltage: 100-250 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

You can find more at Chord Companies website here.

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