New Release Chord Electronics Etude

Chord Electronics Etude

Chord Electronics Etude is a new Choral Series power amplifier that is bound to astound. The new addition was announced as of Wednesday by the British company.

New Release Chord Electronics Etude

Chord Electronics Etude is specially designed to replace the Mezzo 75 amplifier. Using advanced aerospace technology, this 150W Class AB stereo power amplifier features the first fundamentally new topology since Chord Electronics’ inception in 1989.

Etude is a companion to Chord DAVE DAC since DAVE is built with preamp functionality, and the brand new topology has even faster power delivery than exiting designs, offering unrivaled dynamics, life-like delivery of transient information, plus effortless control over loudspeaker drive units, reports Chord. Etude’s body is built to also compliment DAVE and can be fixed within the Choral Series Stand which is precision machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium.

Chord Electronics Etude

Etude uses multi-feedback and dual feed-forward error-correction amplifier technology to intelligently adjust and compensate the individual linearity of the 250-watt lateral high-power proprietary metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors aka MOSFETs. There are also three individual high frequency switch mode power supply units: one for each active power rail and a final for the auxiliary rails. As Chord explains, when paired with advanced internal shielding, active cooled plenum chamber design, and custom Chord Electronics MOSFETs, you achieve Etude, a world class extremely fast crystal clear amplifier.

What is probably most exciting is that the amplifier is conservatively rated at 150W into 4 ohms, if you run Etude in bridged mono mode you can increase this to 300W into 4 ohms. I have no clue on when it will be released or how much Chord Etude will run for, but I’m going to say expensive! Though, it’ll include a five year warranty which is very comforting.

Chord Electronics also launched Chord Hugo M Scaler and Hugo TT 2.

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