Chord Mojo Issues? Find George Meyer AV for Repairs

Chord Mojo Issues George Meyer AV

If you’re experiencing Chord Mojo issues, there’s an official company repair shop and it goes by the name George Meyer AV.

Chord Mojo Issues? Find George Meyer AV for Repairs

The Los Angeles based company is said to be a large, sophisticated, and highly skilled organization capable of providing a very high level of service along with expert advice and quick turnaround of product.

Chord Electronics advised that George Meyer AV maintains an inventory of commonly needed Chord replacement parts in order to provide top-notch service. Moreover, they work directly with the engineers at Chord Electronics to ensure superior support.

Before sending in your unit, it’s best to go through Chord’s FAQs section which goes over a number of various issues you may encounter with your device and how to fix it your self. Some of these issues include: lack of audio, unit won’t power on, LED colors display is no longer operational, unit no longer charging, problems with engaging the line level mode, and more.

If after going through the Chord FAQs you are still experiencing Chord Mojo issues and think your unit requires inspection or service, contact George Meyer AV at the following info with a shipping form located at this link ( Please note, George Meyer AV states units that require warranty service will be repaired and returned at no charge, but units found to not require service will be charged a fee for inspection and return shipping.


George Meyer AV

4844 W. Jefferson Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90016

Phone: (310) 820-1113

P.S. The Chord Hugo 2 has arrived. Get the details on the dynamic DAC headphone amp here, Chord Hugo 2 Review.

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