SmartOmi HAP-1 Neckband Headset Review

SmartOmi HAP-1 Neckband Headset Review

SmartOmi previously wowed me with their affordable, wireless headphone that also proved to be sweat resistant – making it a great workout companion.
The brand is back with a techy necklace of sorts, the SmartOmi HAP-1 Neckband Headset. Get all the details on how it fares here.

SmartOmi HAP-1 Neckband Headset Review


Neckband’s often get a bad rep for coming off as being clunky, kinda chunky, and built with too many cables (and equipment) for what is supposed to be a wireless experience. SmartOmi has managed to keep the clunk and chunk to a minimum. The entire unit is very lightweight. The region of the cable that loops around the neck is thinner than you’d expect, but it’s not flimsy either. Both ends of the unit feature docking units for their respective earbuds connected to a cable. The right dock features the power button which also acts as a multifunction button. There’s also a microUSB port for recharging the neckband, and a LED indicator while the left features volume controls that double as track controls.

As for fit, the neckband includes three different sized of ear tips. Each ear tip is oblong-shaped rather than a full circle so each tip feels sits comfortably in your ear canal. They also create a stellar seal.

SmartOmi HAP-1 Neckband Headset Review


SmartOmi HAP-1 Neckband is designed with some of the cooler features you’d find in other notable brands, like Sennheiser. The HAP-1, like the HD-1 Wireless In-Ear, vibrates once paired. The ends of the earbuds are magnetic which allow wearers to easily clasp the buds together when not in use. This keeps them from wildly swinging to and fro as you go about your day. You also have the option of placing them back in their dock. Basic features on SmartOmi HAP-1 Neckband include the ability to take calls and pair with up to two devices simultaneously. As for other Bluetooth capabilities, this neckband uses Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX over a range of about 26-32 feet. Thanks to the built-in 3.7V 150mAh rechargeable Lithium battery, it also has a run time of 10 hours.


SmartOmi HAP-1 accomplished what it came to do. The Bluetooth-based neckband plays music and lets you go hands-free. The lows are ┬áThe mids are nice and full while offering decent detail and clarity. As for highs, they are pretty clear. Like most earbuds, at times the highs sound a little distorted at higher volumes. However, you shouldn’t really be listening to music at damaging volumes anyway.


Bluetooth: 4.1

Battery Life: 10 Hours (Mid Volume)

Range: 33 Ft


If want to go wireless and are still skeptical of those truly wireless earpieces, opt for SmartOmi HAP-1 neckband. The entire unit is very lightweight and, at least for me, easily forgotten as it rests around my neck. The earbuds are comfortable and the sound is great for a wireless headset at a very low cost. Grab them at the cheapest price on Amazon.

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