Chord Poly Wireless Streaming Module for Mojo Review

Chord Poly Wireless Streaming Module Review

When you mention Chord Electronics to any audiophile you automatically start a near endless conversation on all the high-end audio devices they’ve made over the years. One of the most popular devices is the Chord Mojo, a fairly small yet powerful portable DAC and amplifier. For nearly a year now Chord has been promising the release of the perfect mate for the Mojo and its’ name is Poly. The Chord Poly is a wireless streaming module designed specifically for use with the Mojo. I recently had a chance to get a first look at this highly anticipated audio device and I’m about to give it a full review.

In The Box

  • Poly Wireless Streaming Module
  • micro to USB charging cable
  • Configuration pin tool
  • Registration card
  • User Manual
Chord Poly - Contents In The Box
Chord Poly – Contents In The Box


The Chord Poly is a very unique device. It’s main function is to work seamlessly with the Mojo to receive Bluetooth audio and deliver it to the Mojo’s DAC and amplifier. You can also transmit higher quality audio over a local WiFi network via Apple AirPlay or Roon applications.

But the Poly also has another interesting function. It also acts as a Hi-Res portable music player. By inserting a micro SD card with music files you can control Poly over a shared WiFi connection using a DLNA app on your smartphone. This essentially turns the Poly into a wireless server that can play your music files by remote control.

Chord Poly with micro SD slot for Hi-Res files
Chord Poly with micro SD slot for Hi-Res files

Configuring Chord Poly

Chord has a smartphone app in the works called GoFigure that will hopefully allow you to configure Poly quickly and easily. Unfortunately that app is still not available yet so the configuration process takes a few more steps. I put together a tutorial based on the Chord Poly manual that will lead you step-by-step through this process to make it a little easier.

You can see our tutorial here: How To Setup Chord Poly – A Tutorial

Download the user manual here: Chord Poly User Manual – English

Build / Construction

If you’re familiar with the Chord Mojo you know the solid build of this unit. In fact Chord is well known for this level of craftsmanship and solid construction. The Chord Poly is certainly no exception. It’s a solidly built device that offers the same weighty confidence as it’s companion.


Using the Chord Poly and Mojo via the Bluetooth function I streamed music from my smartphone and got about 20 feet before I got any dropouts. Not bad considering all this wireless receiver is doing. Within close proximity (under 20 feet) I got excellent wireless connectivity 100% of the time.

When using Poly as a standalone player from the built in micro SD slot I had no issues whatsoever because the music is being delivered direct from the source.

Chord Poly Wireless Accessory for Mojo
Chord Poly Wireless Accessory for Mojo

How Does It Sound?

There’s a few different ways to use Poly with the Chord Mojo. But the fact remains that this combination of wireless receiver and DAC/amplifier pack a powerful punch. Streaming audio from Spotify and Tidal I got in incredibly clean and pristine sound output. It sounded almost like it was connected direct via wire. The sound quality Chord Mojo owners have come to expect is effortlessly complimented by the Poly Wireless Receiver.

After my Bluetooth streaming test I wanted to get into using the micro SD. The idea of using the Poly as a player is intriguing to me. First I installed the “8 Player” app on my phone and followed the WiFi Configuration Setup instructions. Once that was done I had no problem accessing Poly just like a remote server. The result was powerful. Just when I thought the sound couldn’t get any better… it got way better. The Poly transformed my music into clean, Hi-Res audio and delivered it to my headphones courtesy of the Mojo.

I attempted to get started with the Roon app to stream audio via WiFi but they wanted my credit card number for a “free trial”. So I decided to skip it altogether. I’m sure it’s a dandy app with interesting features but I can be perfectly happy with the functions I’ve unlocked with Poly so far.

Final Analysis

So now that Poly is finally here and I’ve had a chance to run it through the paces I’m quite impressed with what Chord has created here. Although it adds a little bulk to the Mojo, the Poly Wireless Streaming Module serves well to open up the possibilities for current and future Mojo owners.

In conclusion, the Chord Poly is a solid hit that’s a perfect match for the Mojo DAC/amp. It’s a worthwhile investment for any Chord Mojo owner looking to expand the horizons of fine audio listening into the wireless realm and beyond.

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Chord Poly Wireless Module for Mojo
Chord Poly Wireless Module for Mojo


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