Cirrus Logic Reveals Info on Apple Lightning Jack

Apple Lightning Jack

Wednesday, Cirrus Logic, developer of high-precision analog and digital signal processing products, revealed how to make Apple Lightning jack based digital headsets via their MFi Headset Development Kit.

Cirrus Logic Releases Info to Make Apple Lightning Jack

The Cirrus Logic MFi Headset Development Kit includes a form factor reference design and a development board for debugging. Both of these boards are pre-programmed to support a demonstration of high-performance digital audio playback and voice capture, enabling developers to evaluate a prototype within minutes. The design can be adapted to any headset form factor, including earbuds and over-the-ear designs, as advised by Cirrus Logic.

The MFi Headset Development Kit also explains the advantages of Lightning-connected headsets in comparison to conventional analog headsets. Digital connectivity with an integrated, high-performance DAC and headphone driver delivers high-fidelity audio to the headphone speakers. In addition, Lightning-connected headphones can interact with an iOS app to create a more custom audio experience, such as personalized EQ settings.

Speaking on the advantages of the Apple Lightning jack, Carl Alberty, vice president of Audio Products Marketing, Cirrus Logic said, “New digital connectivity in mobile devices, including the Lightning-based interface, is creating opportunities for OEMs to innovate in product design and is accelerating the transition from analog- to digital-connected products within today’s billion-unit headset and headphone market.”

“Our MFi reference design provides a complete high-performance, digital-headset solution and a reference iOS application to support the rapid development of these emerging consumer products,” he added.

As of recent, rumors have been circling of the next generation of iPhone’s ditching the classic 3.5mm jack for a Lightning jack instead. Some rumors are reporting we won’t see this change until the iPhone 8 hits the market or rather the iPhone 7 will ship with a 3.5mm port and a Lightning jack adapter. Only time will tell.

The Cirrus Logic HiFi MFi Headset Development Kit is available through MFi licensing. If interested in learning more about the MFi program visit here for more information.

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