Meet Cleer NEXT Audiophile Headphone

Cleer Inc, the award-winning manufacturer of high-performance personal entertainment products just has announced their newest addition, Cleer NEXT Audiophile headphone.

Meet Cleer NEXT Audiophile Headphone

Cleer’s mission has always been to “create aha moments,” “that smile of acknowledgement” or make the “hairs on the back of your neck tingle with realization.” Their NEXT headphone seems like it’ll do the trick.

The premium-looking chassis is one to rival the greats like Sennheiser HD 800 and FOCAL Utopia showcasing a plush quilted leather headband and leather ear cups stuffed with memory foam, IMHO. These materials are the makings of a headphone frame intended for long listening sessions. The ear cups are polished with an overall black chrome color while a dark silver trim borders the entire ear cup as well as the open-back vents. Talk about chic!

But when it comes to what is really important, Cleer NEXT seems to be packing. The audiophile headphones use 40 mm ironless magnesium driver units along with precision-crafted magnesium diaphragms that are said to deliver bold and articulate sound. Moreover, listeners can expect, “low and constant inductance, suppressed distortion via reduced eddy currents, and the constant application of force through the diaphragm’s useful and extended range of movement” to provide an unparalleled listening experience. “The magical result is efficient, linear wideband frequency response (from sub-harmonics lows to extended highs upwards of 40 kHz﴿ that make the headphone disappear leaving only pure musical emotion behind,” writes the company.

For $699.99 you can get Cleer NEXT headphones which includes a carrying pouch, a balanced audio cable (four-conductor, balanced audio cable with LEMO hardware to ensure secure connectivity with optimal audio signal flow), and a quarter inch adapter. The headphones are said to be available in Spring. You can sign up to receive a notification at

P.S. This headphone will officially unveil at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday, January 5th.

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