Audio Technica CES 2017 New Releases

Audio Technica did not come to play games at CES 2017, releasing over 15 new headphones ranging from high-res to wireless and both. If you want the details read on in our “Audio Technica CES 2017 Releases” article.

Audio Technica CES 2017 New Releases

That being said, a line of high-resolution headphones you can expect to see in Spring 2017 are called the Sound Reality series consisting of in-ears, over-ears, and over-ear wireless. The models are as follows: in-ear ATH-CKR100iS, ATH-CKR90iS and ATH-CKR70iS, over-ear wireless ATH-DSR9BT and ATH-DSR7BT, and the over-ear ATH-SR9.

The ATH-CKR100iS ($389 USD) will have proprietary dual phase push-pull drivers, which utilize two 13 mm drivers that generate phase-aligned audio signals to better reduce intermodulation distortion. The dual phase push-pull driver system provides spacious, expansive and detailed sound across a wide frequency range up to 45,000 Hertz. To complement every style of music. ATH-CKR100iS has an inline mic and controller for answering calls and controlling music and video playback on portable devices, and comes with XS, S, M and L-sized eartips and a hard carrying case. It’ll cost $389 and will be available in Spring.

The Sound Reality ATH-CKR90iS (left) in-ear headphones also employ the dual phase push-pull driver system, with a 13 mm and 10.4 mm driver operating in tandem and wired out of phase to provide lower harmonic distortion and improved damping and bass frequency control while the ATH-CKR70iS (right) in-ear headphones deliver high-res performance for $99. This in-ear uses powerful 11.8 mm drivers with high-precision stabilizers for linear diaphragm movement, and lightweight machined aluminum housings that angle the drivers for superior sound quality with smooth frequency response. Audio Technica CES 2017 New Releases continue with the addition of two new high-res wireless models.

Another “Audio Technica CES 2017 New Releases” is the ATH-DSR9BT (left) and ATH-DSR7BT (right). These headphones don’t send the digital signal through a series of steps that process and transform the signal because that leads to more distortion in your music. Audio-Technica combines its engineering know-how in designing headphone drivers with the latest technology.  In the system, the Trigence Semiconductor’s Dnote chipset is used instead of a traditional D/A converter and amplifier. The Dnote system keeps the audio signal entirely in the digital domain from the source right through to the driver, eliminating distortion. Both headphones support aptX HD, aptX and AAC codecs (as well as the SBC format) at up to 24-bit/48kHz signals in Bluetooth mode and deliver audio playback at up to 24-bit/96kHz. They feature a built-in mic, volume control and a simple tap control for answering/ending calls and playing/pausing music on a compatible device. Both will be available in Spring 2017 at $549 USD and $299 USD respectively.

The ATH-SR9 is also a high-res audio headphone incorporating 45 mm True Motion Hi-Res Audio drivers with Diamond-Like Carbon coated diaphragms and high-purity 7N-OFC (oxygen-free copper) voice coils.This gives you high-res audio without the Bluetooth capability. These will run you $449 USD and will be available Spring 2017.

But, that’s not all for Audio-Technica’s expansion on wireless devices. The Japanese company announced three more BT headphones at CES. The ATH-AR3BT on-ear model, Solid Bass ATH-CKS990BT and ATH-CKS550BT in-ear headphones join them.

The ATH-AR3BT is a high-res in-ear wireless model that uses a new dynamic driver with a powerful magnetic circuit to deliver impactful bass with extended frequency response. This headphone will cost $119 USD and will be available in black or white in Spring 2017.

“Audio Technica CES 2017 New Releases” article wouldn’t be complete without something for the bass heads. Solid Bass ATH-CKS990BT (left) and ATH-CKS550BT (right) in-ear wireless headphones offer improved sound and wireless functionality. The headphones have improved upon previous models with a more comfortable fit,  over the previous models, along with more comfortable ergonomics, with the headphones’ control buttons located in front of the neckband for easier access and a more comfortable fit with better balance. Both headphones are equipped to answer calls, control music playback and control volume. The ATH-CKS990BT and ATH-CKS550BT employ new Dual Magnetic Field Multiple-Transition driver diaphragms (13 mm and 9.8 mm respectively) that are said to deliver impactful bass along with clearer midrange and treble. The ATH-CKS990BT will be available in black in Spring 2017 at $199 USD; the ATH-CKS550BT will begin shipping in Spring 2017 in a choice of black/gold and white finishes at $119 USD.

Also, the Sonic Fuel line added three new headphones to their line. The The in-ear ATH-CKR50iS and ATH-CKR30iS incorporate improvements including a newly developed driver and machined brass stabilizer that keeps the drivers under precise control for clearer, more detailed audio quality.

The ATH-CKR50iS (left, $49 USD) and ATH-CKR30iS (right, $39 USD) feature a redesigned, sleeker shape with a better positioned remote control. The ATH-AR3iS on-ear model (US $79.00, available Spring 2017) shares the same newly developed dynamic driver and powerful magnetic circuit used in the ATH-AR3BT to deliver impactful bass with extended frequency response. Both are available Spring 2017.

Audio-Technica is the gift that keeps on giving. Can you believe that we aren’t even done detailing all they have to offer in this “Audio Technica CES 2017 New Releases” article? The company has also introduced an entirely new series called Live Sound which consists of the following models: ATH-LS400iS, ATH-LS300iS, ATH- LS200iS, ATH-LS70iS and ATH-LS50iS. These in-ear monitors were “created to bring the impact and excitement of the live concert experience to everyday listening,” said Crystal Griffith, Audio-Technica U.S. Marketing Manager. All Live Sound models are equipped with an inline mic and controller for handling phone calls and music and video playback on portable devices. All come with detachable 3-foot 9-inch cables with Audio-Technica’s new A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) connector, an all-new feature for 2017.

A pretty expensive addition to “Audio Technica CES 2017 New Releases” is the ATH-LS400iS ($579 USD) features a quad balanced armature driver design that combines two low-frequency drivers with a mid-frequency and a high-frequency driver within a single earpiece to deliver exceptionally detailed, dynamic, well-balanced sound across the entire frequency range. The driver housings are constructed of titanium and clear Tritan copolymer resin to reduce unwanted resonance and distortion.

The ATH-LS300iS ($389 USD) in-ear headphones employ a triple balanced armature driver with separate low-, mid- and high-frequency drivers for powerful, efficient sound distribution and a smooth, even tonal balance across an extended frequency range. The ATH-LS200iS ($249 USD) utilizes a dual balanced armature design with a super-tweeter and a full-range driver, a configuration that delivers ultra high-frequency sounds in seamless balance with the rest of the headphones’ immersive soundscape. Both models feature aluminum and Tritan clear resin housings and hybrid stainless steel/high-durability resin sound pipes for enhanced sound.

The Live Sound ATH-LS70iS (left, $129 USD) and (right, $79 USD). Both models use a newly-designed Dual Symphonic Driver, which align two full-range drivers in a single housing and powers them simultaneously. This configuration is said to yield balanced sound with deep, articulate bass, clear midrange, and high frequencies. The ATH-LS70iS employs carbon-coated 8.8 mm diaphragms and long voice coils while the ATH-LS50iS features high-quality 8.8 mm drivers. The Live Sound series will be available in Spring 2017.

That’s all for now in our “Audio Technica CES 2017 New Releases” article.

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