Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Closed vs Aeon Flow Closed Review

Here, at MajorHiFi, we have AEON fever. I reviewed the Aeon 2 Open. Then I compared the Aeon 2 Open to the Aeon 2 Closed. And today, my boss asked me to compare the Aeon 2 to the older, Aeon Flow. I’m $%^&*#* Aeoned out. Needless to say, much has already been written about both, the Aeon 2 Closed and Aeon Flow. So, this review is for those who are already acquainted with at least one of these models, but want a comparison before throwing down their cash. Which model will suit your listening style? And if you already own the Aeon Flow, is the Aeon 2 worth the upgrade? Let’s find out in this Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Closed vs Aeon Flow Closed Review.

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Closed vs Aeon Flow Closed Review


The Aeon 2 is not just an upgrade of the Aeon Flow. In fact, the design of the Aeon 2 is based on the motor tech of the Ether 2. So, the Aeon 2 is a different animal. However, certain things remain the same. The 4 pin cables appear to be the same, and the physical/aesthetic structure looks similar as well. But unlike the Aeon Flow, the Aeon 2 folds into an adorable little handful. So, it’s even more portable than the Flow. For more information about the design of both of these models, see MajorHiFi’s reviews on the Aeon 2 Closed and Aeon Flow.



The Aeon 2 presents a thicker and more present bass.  It’s punchier and more lively. And listening to rock tracks, the Aeon 2 offers a lot more warmth as well.  And in general Aeon 2 delivers a more colored and majestic tonality, especially with respect to acoustic instruments. 


In terms of balance, these cans are quite similar. Present low-mids and upper mids that avoid emphasis. With respect to detail, the Aeon flow delivers a textured, but often thin performance. In contrast, the Aeon 2 is a little smoother but reveals more timbre and substance. That being said, if you like hard hitting percussion, you might prefer the firmer profile of the Aeon Flow.


Playing a few pop tracks, percussion in this range feels brighter on the Aeon Flow. But once again, the Aeon 2’s superior articulation is undeniable. And although the Aeon 2 might not feel as snappy, it’s certainly more nuanced. Listening to vocals in the high frequencies, the Aeon 2 presents a heavier, more velvety performance, while the Aeon Flow feels much lighter and less substantial. 


Although the soundstage of the Aeon 2 doesn’t feel tremendously larger than the Aeon Flow, the improvement in precision is apparent. The Aeon 2 reveals more subtle gradations in depth and height, giving the soundscape a more multidimensional feel overall.


AEON 2 Closed


Richer, warmer and more detailed with a more satisfying bass response and more holographic soundstage than the Aeon Flow.


Some may not enjoy the slightly darker sound signature; MrSpeakers fans may miss the brighter highs and tighter feel of the Aeon Flow.

AEON Flow Closed


Good for folks who prefer a lighter sound signature and more moderate bass response.


A little anemic and not best suited for those who like a lively and energetic sound.


For those who have listened to the Aeon Flow and felt it sounded a little feeble should definitely give the Aeon 2 a try. It’s got more dimension, more color and more life. If you value a rich and charismatic sound signature that’s well balanced and versatile across music genres, the Aeon 2 is certainly worth the extra hundred bucks.

You can buy both of these models for the best price here:

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