Mebuyz Earbuds Review: S2 TWS 3D

Mebuyz may have a name that sounds like a strange subliminal marketing technique, but they actually make a wide variety of tech devices and accessories. Today I’ll be reviewing their newest true wireless earbuds, the S2. These come in at $49.99, so Mebuyz will have to fight to separate themselves from the dozens of other options at this price point. Let’s see how they do.

Mebuyz Earbuds Review: S2 TWS 3D

mebuyz s2 earbuds accessories


The S2 comes with a rubberized charging case, micro-USB charger, manual and 3 silicone eartips; all the standard accessories. The packaging, thankfully, is small and efficient.


mebuyz s2 earbuds box

The charging case is larger than average, and has a sleek look with the ‘Mebuyz’ logo on the front in Deco lettering. Though made of plastic, the exterior has a classy matte rubber finish. The case has both a micro-USB and standard USB port, which means you can also use it to charge your phone or tablet.

Battery life is 4.5 hours, which is about standard. But thanks to the heft of the charging case, the buds can be recharged again and again for a total 60 hour playtime. They can also be used individually in mono mode.

Waterproofing is rated IPX5. So while the earbuds can’t be submerged under water, they will hold up against sweat or rain.

mebuyz s2 earbuds charging ports


The earbuds are small, and have a subtle rubber hook that presses against your inner ear for stability. The fit is snug, and the hook prevents the earbuds from falling out. The sound isolation wasn’t the best however, because I couldn’t get a super tight seal. But the earbuds are comfortable and, more importantly, stable.


Mebuyz uses a single button on each earbud in place of touch controls, which can be a tricky thing to design properly. But luckily, the button protrudes far enough from the bud that it can be pressed without discomfort.

Controls are responsive, but lack a volume command. One press is play/pause, and a long press skips the track forward or back. I’m disappointed that Mebuyz didn’t include a double or triple-tap command; they could have remedied the lack of volume control, and made skipping forward and back feel more natural.


I like the sound of the of the S2. It’s a very well-balanced profile, with equal attention given to each part of the frequency range. They sound similar to my old favorites from GeeKee, but with a bit more roundness to the low-end. However, the S2 can’t play very loud at all. I don’t blast my music by any means, but even I had to crank things up to 75-80% volume.

If you like more bass, I’d recommend the Strauss & Wagner TW401 for $10 more. If you need a TON of bass as well as volume, and you’re willing to spend more, go with the Raycon E25.


The S2 is a well-rounded pair of earbuds. The powerful charging case is similar to the Aikela X10, but more compact and lacking USB-C (unfortunately). The sound is balanced, with more bass than the GeeKees but less than the Strauss & Wagner.

I think my only real complaints are 1) the looseness of the seal, which almost spoils the otherwise great fit. And 2) the relatively weak volume. Other than that, nothing wrong with these buds for 50 bucks.

Find them on Amazon.

Mebuyz Earbuds Review: S2 TWS 3D

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