GeeKee G350 Review True Wireless Earbuds

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True wireless earbuds. Everyone wants a pair these days, and every company in the land is jumping on the bandwagon to crank some out and cash in. But usually you get what you pay for. Except for when you find a diamond in the cheap plastic rough. The GeeKee G350 is that diamond. Here’s the review.

GeeKee G350 Review

geekee true wireless earbuds box and case

If you’re wondering why a publication of such distinction such as MajorHifi would even bother these, it’s because these GeeKee actually sound alright… for the price at least. Maybe calling it a diamond was too much. The GeeKee TWS is top-tier within a category that is undeniably bottom-tier. Make sense? Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty.


Besides not sounding terrible, the other thing I really like about the GeeKees is the size and fit. The charging case is very small, and definitely pocket-friendly. The buds are equally small and unobtrusive, with one big flat button on the outer surface. They use the silicone ‘hook’ type wing for stability, and I found the fit extremely comfortable.

geekee true wireless earbuds

Oftentimes when a pair of true wireless earbuds uses the outer surface as a button, it becomes impossible to control the thing without jamming it further into your ear canal. But GeeKee has somehow  found the balance. The button only takes up half of the surface, but is raised along the outer edge. I found it both easy and comfortable to press this button without assaulting my ears. A welcome change.

So while I was impressed by the physical design, I was not impressed by the software design. For example, the battery life is only 3 hours, 15 with the case. I guess you can only do so much for $50.

geekee true wireless earbuds in charging case

The Bluetooth capability is really where you start to feel the sting of the price point. Pairing wasn’t a total nightmare, but did induce some headaches. The right earbud is the master earbud, and sometimes the left just wouldn’t cooperate. And even after connecting, there were occasional bouts of Bluetooth spottiness.


The sound quality is really what makes these buds a decent investment. Let me be clear: they sound good for the price. The bass is solid and thumping, but honestly, anyone can crank an earbud full of bass and call it a day. Luckily, GeeKee doesn’t do that.

geekee true wireless earbuds

The midrange and high end both have a fair amount of detail, and even (can it be?) a soundstage to speak of! True wireless earbuds are notorious for sounding cramped and boxy when done poorly, but I could actually hear some left-right action going on with the GeeKee.

As with all Bluetooth sound signatures, the high end is the first to suffer. There’s some roll off in the highs. The upper midrange is slightly emphasized, bringing vocals and cymbals forward. The low mids are tightened by comparison, but the low end is thick enough to stop things from sounding thin overall.

What sets GeeKee apart is that the lows, mids, and highs each sound okay in their own right. Cheap true wireless buds will often pick one frequency they like and boost it, with no regard to the other frequencies. You get swollen sound signatures that work decently for one thing, but sound like crap for everything else. But GeeKee provides a decent all-around sound.

geekee true wireless earbud


As an audiophile, I usually try to steer people away from stuff that’s 1) cheap and 2) wireless. But if you are going to commit such an audio atrocity… give GeeKee a shot. It sounds better than a lot of other cheap stuff I’ve tried, that’s for sure. Not the most glowing recommendation, but that’s what you can expect for $50.

But if you’re willing to spend a few bucks more, you can pick up the Strauss & Wagner TW401 for $59. These buds are great value for the money and have a slightly longer batter life than the GeeKee. Plus, if you don’t like the silicone-hook fit of the GeeKees, the Strauss & Wagners have a more molded-ear style.

Pros- Good price, well-rounded sound, good design

Cons- Spotty Bluetooth, short battery life, they’re still just a cheap pair of wireless earbuds

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