Tin Hifi T4 Announced

Tin Hifi T4 Announced earpiece detail

Today the Chinese manufacturer Linsoul has announced the new Tin Hifi T4.   Like other Tin Hifi earphones before it, the T4 combines good audio with affordable pricing.  But just what improvements can we expect on the T4?

Tin Hifi T4 Announced

Tin Hifi T4 Announced earphones with cable

Succeeding other models in the T and P series, the T4 utilizes a fresh design.   While featuring a similar overall appearance, the internals differ greatly.  Inside the T4, a single 10mm CNT dynamic driver handles sound quality.   This driver ensures an accurate and lifelike sound with the optimal musical tuning.   High-resolution sound extends through the entire 10-20kHz frequency range.

Aimed at audiophiles and music enthusiasts on the go, this inexpensive IEM promises a new level of premium performance.

Like other models in the Linsoul roster, the T4 will utilize an MMCX connection.  A braided silver cable will come included, as will a carrying case.

Foam and silicon tips also accompany the earphones.

Tin Hifi T4 Announced earpiece detail

The Tin Hifi T4 officially launches on Indiegogo at 9:00 am EST, November 11th.  Early bird pricing will land at $79, plus a $20 gift card for the Linsoul online store.  Orders will ship 5 days later, on the 16th.

See more about the Tin Hifi T4 here.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the MajorHiFi review of this new earphone!

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