Effect Audio Announces New Flagship Cable Code 51

Fresh for the holidays, Effect Audio has announced their latest earphone cable and new flagship, the Code 51 (or Five-One).  Using a brand new architecture, this cable marks a new apogee of precision and craftsmanship for the Singaporean cable institution.

Effect Audio Announces New Flagship Cable Code 51

Breaking the long-followed tradition of naming their cables after mythical deities, the Five-One designation signifies the first iteration in a new line of cables.  Ten years in the making, this cable combines UP-OCC materials with a hybrid construction.

Featuring gold-plated silver, silver-gold alloy, and palladium-plated silver (PPS), this new cable uses the finest materials.  This also constitutes the first time Effect Audio has offered these three materials in a single cable.

But naming conventions and construction aren’t the only trends being bucked here.  The Code 51 also forgoes 26AWG wire in favor of larger 24AWG wires.  This design choice – based on market trends and feedback – adds a 30% increase to the diameter of the cable.  However, using 24AWG wires in a 4-wire braided construction offers an 80% increase in sound quality.

Even the Y-Split has been fashioned from premium materials, featuring a titanium build.  Adding to the futuristic look of the cable, it also ensures a level of durability one would expect from Effect.   What’s more, the sculptured design features an asymmetrical appearance with beveled lateral parts.  These angles shimmer with an ever-changing array of reflections when exposed to light.

Code 51 Key Features:

  • 24AWG
  • Selected Premium UP-OCC Material
  • Gold Plated Silver/ Silver Gold Alloy/ Palladium Plated Silver Hybrid
  • Golden Ratio Dispersion Multi-sized and Multi-Bundle Stranded
  • Individually Enamelled Strands
  • Superior PSquared/P-EA Plug with Titanium Casing
  • Exquisite Titanium Y-Split
  • EA UltraFlexi Insulation

The Code 51 will be available from Effect Audio and select authorized dealers in late November/early December.  The Code 51 will retail for $2388.

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