Dan Clark Audio Introduces Expanse Open Back Headphones

Last year, Dan Clark Audio gave us one of their biggest releases yet in the Stealth. These premium closed-back headphones back one of the brand’s most raved-about items yet, and now they are looking to follow up the Stealth with their new Expanse headphones. As the Stealth looked to set a new standard for closed-back headphones, Dan Clark looks to do the same with open-back headphones. Here is how Dan Clark aims to accomplish that notion.

Dan Clark Audio’s all-new 4th generation planar-magnetic driver and breakthrough Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System aim to deliver a stunningly smooth presentation bringing a new depth and breadth to all your favorite music. AMTS integrates waveguides, diffusion control, quarter-wave, and Helmholtz resonators into one compact structure to eliminate standing waves, dramatically improving system performance.

Other Key Features 

  • 4th generation v-Planar driver with our largest planar diaphragm to date, delivering exceptional dynamics with vanishingly low distortion for a natural and “easy” listen
  • An improved driver tensioning system creates a driver with incredible consistency across units for superb imaging and balance
  • FEA and CFD optimized motor structure increases driver motor-force uniformity and smooths the acoustic flow
  • All-new auto-adjusting suspended strap design makes EXPANSE hassle-free to wear
  • Pre-formed ergonomic strap design spreads the weight evenly across the head for incredibly comfortable extended listening
  • Strap quilting improves comfort and reduces heat buildup
  • Composite synthetic suede and protein-leather pads offer a sung fit with minimal clamp, with a pleasant touch on the skin
  • A stylish grill reduces weight and creates a visually stunning design aesthetic
  • Folding gimbals allow EXPANSE to be packed in a compact case for safe and easy transport
  • The uncompromising industrial design uses aluminum and titanium to maximize strength while minimizing weight
  • EXPANSE is designed and built by hand in San Diego, California, and is backed by quality and support you can count on


  • Driver: 76mm x 51mm single-ended planar magnetic
  • Driver matching: 0.25db weighted 20-10,000Hz
  • THD: less than 0.03% 20-20KHz, ref. 1KHz at 94dB
  • Headband: Nickle-Titanium
  • Baffle: Carbon Fiber
  • Ear Pads: Synthetic Suede and Leather

The Dan Clark Expanse is available to pre-order now at Audio46 for $3,999.

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