Dan Clarke Audio Updates ETHER 2 With ETHER 2 System

The ETHER 2 is one of Dan Clarke’s most prestigious planar’s currently on the market. After the initial release, it became critically acclaimed for its smooth tone, incredible detail, and remarkable comfort. The ETHER 2 originally supported 3 different sets of earpads, all of which had a specific effect on the tonality of the headphone. Now, Dan Clarke Audio has decided to repackage the ETHER 2 with all 3 earpads, and are calling it the ETHER 2 System.

The System isn’t a new headphone. It’s the same ETHER 2 you know and love, but with these new interchangeable earpads that peel off easily. Owners of the ETHER 2 can now get these earpads at a reduced price of $89.95 per pair.

You might be wondering what the difference in earpads really is. According to Dan Clarke Audio, the suede pad offers a little more output in the bass region and a little more sparkle on top, while the perforated pads deliver the largest soundstage and increase relative bass and treble for a more fun and lively voicing. The stock earpads put the midrange a bit further forward compared to the perforated and suede pads.

ETHER 2 System will be $2,299.99 and is available now at an introductory price of $2,199.99 through October 2020.

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