DITA Answer Truth Edition Review: Clean and Poppy

It’s a slow day at MajorHiFi, so I decided to get acquainted with some smaller brands that I haven’t had a chance to try out. DITA is one such company. One of their more well known models, the Answer (Truth Edition) is an unassuming looking IEM, though the name is not so unassuming. Anyway, it’s got a few nice surprises under its sleeve. Let’s take a closer look at what these IEMs offer in this DITA Answer Truth Edition Review. 

DITA Answer Truth Edition Review

IN the BOX

opened box, first tier

DITA Answer (Truth Edition) package contents


The Answer uses an over-ear wire, though the IEMs themselves look like a simple pop-in design. The metal shells have solid feel. But they’re not particularly heavy. And I have to say, despite the fact that these IEMs have no fancy contours, the sound isolation is great. While I was trying to write this review, my pain-in-the-ass boss was yapping away. And these buds did a better job of eliminating his voice than my noise-cancelling headphones. The seal is snug, and the buds are comfortable to wear for long stretches. No complaints here. 

Answer Truth Edition Shells with over-ear wire

Overhead view of The Answer Truth Edition Shell and stem with no tip


The Answer Truth Edition sports a 10mm dynamic driver. Upon opening the fancy, two tier box, I found a nice little surprise. A balanced 2.5mm termination. What does this mean? The cable is balanced with an interchangeable termination. Life gets a little dreary at MajorHiFi on a Saturday. So, I decided to live a little. I replaced the 3.5mm termination with the 2.5mm and connected it to the balanced output on my FiiO Q5S. So, the balanced cable is a great bonus. I just wish that the cable was detachable. This may be the only downfall of the Answer apart from its name. If the cable breaks, you’re $%#* out of luck. I think for this reason, DITA made the cable super sturdy and well-insulated. And perhaps this is why DITA has called the cable, The Truth. #Truth. Anyway, the connectors are solid too. So, the build quality demands respect. And that’s the truth.

Balanced cable with interchangable terminations



Not a particularly substantial bass response. But it’s tight and controlled, so pop tracks sound fast and lively. And listening to rock tracks with heavy bass, these buds produced a lot of warmth. Classical strings revealed a good amount of detail, and because the sound stage is pretty grand, it gave classical instruments in general a nice stately feel.


A present and well balanced mid range. And because the low mids and high mids are pretty even, you’ll get a very full bodied, all-encompassing sound. Still, female vocals, especially, sit a bit forward, creating an intimate connection to the vocalist. But I especially liked listening to funky tracks on these buds. The profile is very clean and almost crystal-like. And combined with the impressive speed of these things, it makes for a very vibrant and dynamic track. So, especially for modern genres, the Answer is a damn fun time. (Separation in the lower mids could be better, but to be honest, even some much higher priced IEMs have this problem).


You‘ll hear some extension in the high frequencies. So, percussion in this range has a crispy, almost crystal-like sound.  At the same time, the Answer isn’t a bright IEM. So, those with sensitivity to high frequencies shouldn’t be too concerned. Again, a very clean and almost purified sound when listening to vocals in this range. And that refined feel gives a nice smoothness to the performance.

Sound stage

I’m happy with the sound stage on these buds. Nothing phenomenal, but there’s definitely spaciousness here, which comes from an almost reverb-like effect. The imaging is also precise, and subtle gradations in depth, for example, were apparent. So, in short, the Answer delivers enough dimension to warrant the price tag.


Pros: Well-balanced, fast and refined; balanced cable included.
Cons: Cable isn’t detachable; Sound signature not the most memorable.


The Dita Answer Truth Edition is a solid deal for a few reasons. Well-balanced, clean and fast with a spacious feel, I don’t have anything to complain about. It’s got skills. And the Answer makes modern genres, especially, a fun listening experience. Furthermore, given that the Answer comes attached to a balanced cable, I think the whole package is worth the cash. I only wish the cable was detachable. And I can’t say my mind is blown because there are no crazy defining qualities that make the Answer an unforgettable listening experience. At the same time, the name is so indelibly etched in my mind, that I’ll probably be dreaming about it tonight.  The point is, if you’re on a budget, and you need a high performance IEM with a lively and versatile sound signature (and a balanced cable to boot), the Answer might be the affordable answer.

You can find the DITA Answer Truth Edition here:

DITA Answer Truth Edition

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