JH Audio Roxanne AION Announced

Today JH Audio has announced the new Roxanne AION, a professional IEM retailing for $2299.  Boasting a number of high-end accouterments, this earphone constitutes the latest addition to the AION series, and another solid earphone from the storied company.

JH Audio Roxanne AION Announced

JH Audio Roxanne AION Announced

When Jerry Harvey Audio introduced the Roxanne custom IEM in 2013, they changed the face of audio industry.  JH’s first 12 driver in-ear monitor, it also provided the company with their first earphone to use a four-pin cable design.  Incorporating a variable bass control – a novelty in its day – this cable soon morphed into the basic cable option for subsequent JH models.  In time, the Layla, Lola, Angie, JH16v2, and JH13v2 all came to utilize the same configuration.

Now, JH Audio introduces its latest offering, the Roxanne AION.  Like other models in the AION series, the Roxanne AION embodies Jerry Harvey Audio’s past, present, and future.

This new earphone combines the original Roxanne sound signature with the latest advances in manufacturing and technology.  The resultant sound elevates the Roxanne AION to a new level of audio fidelity.

Familiar Name, New Features

The Roxanne AION sports 12 drivers per side, with four proprietary BA drivers each for lows, mids, and highs.  Included Freqphase technology guarantees correct phase and time alignment across the frequency range.

Assisting in accurate music reproduction, this patented tech works in concert with the Sonic Tube Chassis.  Thanks to 3D printed chambers houding the 12 drivers and Freqphase, the Roxanne AION sports a smaller shell design.  And JH Audio accomplishes all of this without skimping on sound quality.

A recessed tube system in the Acoustic Sound Chamber keeps sweat at bay and eliminates the need for constant cleaning.  A new 7-pin cable connector also appears on the Roxanne AION.  Featuring a German-made military-grade iridium connection, the design also incorporates an O-ring to keep moisture out.

Accessories include a silver-plated OCC Litz cable – the strongest, lightest, and most durable cable JH Audio has yet conceived.  This cable features high purity OFC 4N silver-plating, in addition to a new, smaller bass tuning module.

Made to Last

Manufactured in Orlando, Florida, the Roxanne AION universal fit is fashioned by the same technicians producing JH custom earphones.  Originating as a carbon fiber block, each housing results from compressing hundreds of layers of resin-infused carbon fiber fabric.

Following the initial machining process, the earpieces are then shaped by hand.  But the hands-on work doesn’t stop there.  After precision tuning with state -of-the-art equipment, each earpiece is assembled by hand. Finally, the faceplate design of black and white pearloid, with oversized chrome logos, receives its place on the earphone.

The JH Audio Roxanne AION retails for $2299 and is available from JH Audio and select authorized dealers.

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