TOKK Wire(d)less Earbuds Review

Today we have a MajorHifi exclusive from Pred Technologies: the TOKK 3-in-1 Wire(d)less earbuds. These earbuds, priced at $99.95, combine all 3 types of earbuds into 1 product. You can use them with no wire, with a standard 3.5mm wire, or with an around-the-neck wire that extends the battery life. Here’s the TOKK Wire(d)less Earbuds Review.

TOKK Wire(d)less Earbuds

tokk wiredless earbuds accessories


The TOKK Wire(d)less Earbuds come with a charging case, a micro-USB charging cable, 3 pairs of silicone eartips, 3 pairs of silicone wings, a 3.5mm cable, and the battery extension cable. Both cables attach via 2.5mm ports built into each earbud.


The earbuds look big, but have a fit comparable to the WF-1000XM3 from Sony. They leave some breathing room for your ears, but don’t stick out too far. And the all-black finish ensures they don’t look too flashy.

The TOKKs come with 3 different sizes of silicone eartips, plus 3 tips that have a silicone wing attached for stability. I prefer the wing-tips; the standard tips feel a little loose. But with the wings in place, the fit is secure.


The case is on the bigger side, but it is incredibly light. The earbuds have a 5 hour battery life, and there’s no info on how many charges the case provides. But the battery extending wire (which has an extra 10 hours) fits into the case along with earbuds, allowing you to charge both simultaneously.

tokk wiredless earbud case

The charging cable provided for the case is very short, and I’m disappointed it isn’t USB-C. Also, the earbuds don’t fit into the case if you’re using the wingtips, which is annoying. If you use the wingtips, you’ll have to take them off each time you want to charge the earbuds.

tokk wiredless earbud extra battery cable

Also, the standard 3.5mm cable doesn’t fit into the case at all. Admittedly, if you are using the 3.5mm connection, you won’t need the charging case, but it would’ve been nice to be able to conveniently carry all the accessories at once.


The controls are handled by a large button on the surface of each earbud. And although the battery-extension wire looks like it could have controls on it, everything is handled on the earbuds.

The buttons are responsive, the commands are intuitive, and the earbuds stick out far enough that they can be pressed without driving the buds further into your ears. TOKK got everything right as far as controls go.


The box says these earbuds support AAC, which means better sound quality for iPhones. But I was honestly not very impressed by the sound quality. The earbuds have significantly more low-end when using them wirelessly, and plugging in the wire brings out some more high-end detail.



tokk wiredless earbuds 3.5mm cable

These earbuds are 3-in-1. They are a good fit for listeners who want the convenience of wireless, along with an old-school wire for backup.

The extra battery is a nice touch. You get 5 hours on the buds, 10 hours with the battery pack cable, plus the recharges on both with the case. That could total up to quite a few hours of playtime.

Pros- Switch between wired and wireless, good fit, good controls.

Cons- Okay sound quality, bulky case.

Find them on Amazon.

TOKK Wire(d)less Earbuds Review

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