Focal Symphonie 40th Anniversary Bundle Announced

Focal Symphonie 40th Anniversary Bundle Announced

As part of its 40th Anniversary, French headphone giant Focal has announced the Symphonie 40th Bundle.  This vintage case holds everything you need to appreciate 40 years of Focal sophistication.

Focal Symphonie 40th Anniversary Bundle Announced

Focal Symphonie 40th Anniversary Bundle Announced

Designed to hold two listening solutions in a convenient, vintage-inspired case, the Symphonie 40th provides a suite of sweet, sweet sound.

Paired with the included Arche DAC amp, the open-back Focal Utopia provides a mesmerizing at-home setup.   Folks who want to take their sound on the go won’t be disappointed, though.  With the closed-back Stellia and the included Questyle QPM player, the Symphonie 40th also delivers a portable listening setup.

A wealth of included cables also allow you to mix and match for the ideal setup. A 4-pin Litz XLR cable to connect Utopia and Arche; a 3/16” (4.4mm) jack adapter to link Stellia and the QPM player; a mini jack adaptor for Utopia and the player; and an XLR cable for Stellia and Arche are all included.

These cables allow either pair of headphones to work in combination with the desired setup, whether stationary or portable.

Focal Symphonie 40th Anniversary Bundle Announced

Ensconced in Macassar ebony wood veneer, the Symphonie 40th case sports a satin finish coat.  Inside, the case is lined with soft, beige microfiber.  On the outside, metal clasps and side handles present a stylish flourish.

How much will the Focal Symphonie 40th Anniversary bundle set you back?  Pricing lands at a whopping $18,000.  Folks who want to mull this purchase over are recommended to do so with haste, though.  Focal has already confirmed that the luxe Symphonie 40th Anniversary set will be limited to 40 pieces worldwide.

That being said, to own this set – the Utopia, Stellia, Arche, and Questyle QPM, as well as a slice of Focal history – seems an enticing offer.

Snag one of these limited edition bundles for the best price here:


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