Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2 Review

Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2 Review

I’m always excited to hear something new from Edifier. Their Bluetooth products tend to come with great features and a satisfying sound. The NeoBuds series has been their standout true wireless brand, and they’ve just released the Pro 2. The last iteration of this series I reviewed was the NeoBuds S, which I was very positive about. Let’s see if the Pro 2 can surpass them.

What You Get

  • NeoBuds Pro 2 Earbuds
  • Charging case
  • USB Type C Charging Cable
  • Drawstring Pouch
  • User Guide

Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2 single

Look & Feel

Aside from a few different colored accents, the NeoBuds Pro 2 doesn’t look all that different from the NeoBuds S. You get the same basic stemmed shape, with an ergonomic oval housing that sits well in your ear. You can wear these earbuds for hours without even noticing them, as the fit is that natural and seamless.

Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2 case

Design & Functionality

The NeoBuds Pro 2 uses dual mics for its hybrid ANC technology, which comes with a few different settings that affect the strength of the isolation. You can switch between low, medium, and high noise cancelation, and they all operate effectively depending on your environment. The highest ANC option is definitely strong and provides effective isolation for the price. These features are all adjustable in Edifier’s companion app, which also houses different sound modes and EQ. Spatial audio is the NeoBuds’ newest inclusion. The Pro 2 also has very sensitive controls, which work for and against them. When you take the earbuds out of your ears, they automatically pause your music, but this specific action takes a couple of seconds to register.


These earbuds use Bluetooth version 5.0. They have fast pairing and great stability but only offer an SBC CODEC.

Battery Life

Depending on if you have ANC turned on you should be able to get 9 hours of playtime from the NeoBuds Pro 2. The charging case gives you a total of 23 hours, which is great for the price. You also get fast charging, with only an hour granting you full charge from the case.

Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2 pair


Edifier’s Bluetooth products tend to carry a fun and immersive sound. The NeoBuds Pro 2 gives you the most options in how you can experience that sound. Its classic, dynamic, and spatial audio modes heavily impact how the soundstage is perceived when listening to the NeoBuds Pro 2. Right out of the box, the soundstage and imaging are already very good in their default state. You get a strong width that carries outward with no hard limit.

Everything sounds even more open when switching to dynamic mode, with the imaging gaining more height and more distinct layers. While in dynamic mode, game mode can also be activated, which also increases the tallness of certain sound elements. I was excited by the prospect of new spatial audio earbuds, but the NeoBuds Pro 2 only offers it in head-tracking form. It’s cool to use for a few tracks, but I wouldn’t recommend using this setting as your primary experience.

Low End

Most Bluetooth products I’ve tried from Edifier feature an emphasized bass, and that’s exactly what you get here too. The NeoBuds Pro 2 has a focused impact and smooth tonality. It envelops a lot of the sound signature, but not in a destructive manner. There’s a pronounced kick and punch to a majority of tracks you listen to with these buds, which will definitely satisfy bass heads. It has a consistent, thunderous timbre that fills in a lot of space in the low end, but also sounds clean. This is the kind of bass that becomes addicting, where certain tracks don’t feel quite right without it.


There’s more midrange detail to bite on than I expected, but this is still mostly a V-shaped profile. The low mids and upper mids have clear accents, but there is definitely frequency content scooped out of the middle. This doesn’t have the most destructive effect on instruments, it just leaves them a little hollow. Vocals are given enough room for expressive performances and a crisp underlining tone.


I enjoyed a lot of the whispy details that the NeoBuds Pro 2 was capable of reproducing. They bring height and color to the sound signature and never feel like they are taking up too much of the sound spectrum. There’s an airy texture to a lot of the frequencies that add a nice tail to the response as a whole.


By now I should know what I’m getting with Edifier, but their consistency is still admirable. Aside from spatial audio, there isn’t much difference here from the NeoBuds S. It has a similar sound, but most of it consists of what I consider Edifier’s in-house profile. This is a design that works, and it makes for a gratifying sound over true wireless.

Pros Cons
  • Good soundstage and imaging
  • Powerful bass
  • Airy highs
  • Comfortable
  • ANC options
  • Sound modes
  • Good battery life
  • Scooped out mids
  • Controls aren’t always responsive
  • Only SBC CODEC

The Edifier NeoBuds Pro 2 is available on Amazon.

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