Best Wired Earphones for the Google Pixel 8

Best Wired Earphones for the Samsung Pixel 8 by MajorHiFi

Maybe you just can’t part with a wire, or maybe you won’t get wireless earbuds out of principle. Or perhaps you just want better audio quality. It’s none of our business. Whatever your reason for keeping the wire, we’ve put together a short list of the best sounding wired earbuds for the Samsung Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Strauss & Wagner EM8C

The EM8C has become a popular niche model for audiophiles on the go. They don’t necessarily look like anything fancy but we think they’re sufficiently gifted with regard to beauty. More important, they way over-perform for the price, offering a commendable level of transparency and rich, full-bodied, crowd pleasing tuning. Don’t mistake the EM8C for cheap Amazon lookalikes because they just don’t sound as good. 

Best Type-C Earphones for Samsung Pixel 8 are made by Strauss & Wagner

Moondrop JIIU

The number one go-to brand for trendy audiophiles (no, it’s not an oxymoron) has started making super affordable Type-C earbuds. Known for making aesthetically gorgeous IEMs that also sound undeniably high-end, Moondrop has taken pity on those of us who are left with nothing but a Type-C connection on our phones. 

Moondrop has the some of the best Type-C earbuds on the market for audiophiles

Samsung Type C Headphones (Made by AKG)

Ok, so this may not be the most durable pair of earbuds on the market, but thanks to AKG’s famously clean and well-balanced sound signature, these earphones sound pretty damn decent. Listen, they’re reasonably cheap and get the job done. Don’t overthink it.

Best Wired Earphones for the Samsung Pixel 8: the AKG sound for cheap

Moondrop Droplet

Yet another Type-C model from Moondrop, the simple yet futuristic looking, Droplet, exemplifies the brand’s appeal to young audiophiles, drawing inspiration from a series of science fiction novels. Told you audiophiles were cool. With notably great call clarity and a build quality that appears more expensive than it costs, there’s nothing to dislike here.

Best Wired Earphones for the Samsung Pixel 8 include the Moondrop Droplet

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