EOZ Air Review

EOZ Air Review earpieces from above

It’s getting up to the high 90s this week, and with a cold brewski on my desk, I’m kicking back Summer Style with the new EOZ Air earphones.  With a true wireless design, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and a whopping 90 hours of battery life, this little ‘bud talks a big game.  But at a paltry $109, can this contender deliver the goods?

EOZ Air Review

EOZ Air Review majorhifi gold award

The EOZ Air earphones come with a charging case, USB-C charging cable, six pairs of eartips, and a behind-the-neck cable that prevents you from losing an earpiece.

Build quality seems pretty decent for a $109 truly wireless earphone.  In fact, this is the first thing that impresses me about the EOZ Air.  From the minute you open up that aluminum charging case, you get a sense that EOZ has put some real thought into making the Air stand out from its competition.

First off, these babies run on a Bluetooth 5.0 connection.  Battery life comes in at a staggering 5.5 hours on the earpieces themselves, plus another 85 hours from the charging case.  That’s 90.5 total – 90.5 hours, folks!

The earphones themselves feel feather-light, thanks to a good deal of plastic in the build.  But this doesn’t make them feel any less solid.  And, once you factor in the ergonomic fit and over-the-ear hook, you’re left with a VERY secure fit.

Actually, they almost feel to secure.  Because the EOZ Air earphones also isolate a great deal of surround noise.  So every time your coworkers sidle up and ask you what you’re doing, or where the copier went, or why you’ve spent the last eight hours reviewing the same earphone, you have to dislodge them from your ears.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking:  But Carroll, don’t they have touch controls?  Indeed they do, hypothetical question-asker.  But it actually bothers me to pause the sound.  I’d rather hastily pull one earphone out and try to quickly resolve the conversation at hand so I can get back to the sound of the EOZ Air.

EOZ Air Review included accessories

Low End

In the low end, the Air offers some decent detail, as well as a good dose of energy.  The result is a fairly fun sounding low end with a little snap and depth.  Drums and bass guitars sound lively, but without waxing too inaccurate.  This results in a sound that – while tame – still rocks, and it will work wonders on any track you throw at it.

EOZ Air Review in charging case


Mids on the EOZ Air remain a relatively solid affair.  Never too distorted or wildly compressed, the sound here comes across as clean if a little reserved.  Never too forward, both vocals and instrumentation hold an equal pace that gives way to a full midrange.  While a little better with jazz, pop, and rock, it still manages to lend a little weight to hip-hop and classical music, too.

EOZ Air Review with removable leash

High End

Here the sound of the EOZ Air delivers a good account for itself.  While a tad bit rolled off, it still seems to “work” for the earphone.  Never too harsh or piercing, the sound tends to smooth out some female vocals.  While this might actually help with some pop tracks, it also tends to detract from classical tunes, and as much as I love bumping the EOZ Air for K-Pop tunes, it’s not my go-to for symphonies.

EOZ Air Review earpieces detail


With some depth and fair amount of placement, the EOZ Air offers a bit of soundstage – and way more than I was really expecting to hear.  Again, while not as spacious as one would hope (especially where classical music is concerned),  this sense of imaging does help with simpler pop, rock, and electronic compositions.

EOZ Air Review earpieces with case


If you need a true wireless earphone with solid sound quality, a good build, secure fit, and battery life that seems to never run out, the EOZ Air will prove an enticing offer.  At $109, this earphone delivers tons of value at a fair price – and one that definitely won’t break the bank.

If you need more bass and don’t mind a less stylish or secure fit, you could opt for the JBL 120 TWS earphone.  While not as impressive in terms of sound quality, build, or battery life, it does offer just a little more kick in the low end.

Personally, I find it hard not to be impressed by the EOZ Air.  At $109, this earphone could be a lot more expensive for what it offers.  However, at it’s current price, this is nothing short of a steal.

EOZ Air Review earpieces from above

Final Analysis

No matter what you’re into, the EOZ Air has something for you.  Massive battery life?  Check.  Impressive sound quality?  Check.  Stylish but durable design?  Check.  Secure fit?  Check.

This truly wireless earphone practically does it all, and at $109, there’s a TON of value for your money here.  No other true wireless earphone on the market currently offers this much for so little.  Our thoughts?  Snatch one of these babies up if you’re in the market for ANY kind of true wireless audio. You won’t regret it.

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