Even Headphones Create Your Personal Hearing Profile

Even Headphones

These headphones make you take a hearing test to create your personalized hearing profile for better listening sessions. Meet Even Headphones.

Even Headphones Create Your Personal Hearing Profile

Everyone’s hearing is different, just like our vision. In fact, the hearing between each one of our ears are different too. Using this same principle, the creators behind Even designed a pair of in-ear buds that put wearer’s through a hearing test to determine how music will sound best to them in each ear.

These in-ear buds use 10mm drivers to hit a frequency response between 20-20,000 Hertz running on an impedance of 32 ohms.

Even headphones remind me of Nura, except Even is not over-ear. Nura also takes your hearing profile and in doing so is able to deliver the best quality music to your ears. However, Nura uses a companion app to store multiple hearing profiles. Even headphones do not use a companion app, so it cannot store multiple user profiles. But, your friends can take a hearing test and listen to your headphones. You will just have to retune your own profile when you get the earbuds back.

Even usesĀ an in-line mic and controller to adjust volume and skip back-and-forth between tracks. The remote also has an Even button which activates Sarah, your Siri-like guide to taking your Even EarPrint. Her soothing voice prepares listeners for what’s to come, like “One more to go” and “You’ve really got the hang of this.” The tuning test takes about two minutes. Even advises, users should take the hearing test every two months to update their hearing profile for the best audio experience.

For those interested in figuring out their own EarPrint, Even’s website gives you a thorough demo of the process with your own set of headphones at home.

Even headphones are available on GetEven.co for $99.

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