FiiO F9 PRO In-Ear Headphones Review

FiiO F9 PRO In-Ear Headphones Review

FiiO F9 PRO is an upgrade from the FiiO F9.  Their technological designs are almost the same. So what’s the big deal about the FiiO F9 PRO? Is it worth the extra forty bucks investment? Let’s find out, shall we?

FiiO F9 PRO In-Ear Headphones Review

IN the BOX – FiiO F9 PRO In-Ear Headphones Review

MMCX audio cable with in-line microphone and control,

MMCX 2.5mm balanced cable

12 pairs of ear tips, including silicone and foam tips

Hard waterproof carrying case

Water-resistant neoprene carrying pouch

User guide

One year Warranty

FIT and DESIGN – FiiO F9 PRO In-Ear Headphones Review

These guys have a really secure fit. It takes a couple of seconds to get them snug in your ears, but with plenty of ear tips to choose from, once they’re in, they feel perfect. The cable goes around your ear, and you can shake your head around wildly, and be assured they won’t fall out. The units are pretty light and you don’t feel any weight when you’re wearing them. The FiiO F9 PRO is designed with one dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers. This is the same design as the FiiO F9 PRO but with an L-shaped connector instead of the straight one. More important is the fact that the F9 PRO has improved armature drivers. This makes a noticeable difference.

SOUND – FiiO F9 PRO In-Ear Headphones Review

I’m a big fan of the sound on these!  Crisp, clear, dry and well balanced. Let’s look at the breakdown.


The lows might be the defining quality of the FiiO F9 PRO. While I wouldn’t call these headphones incredibly bass heavy, they do a fantastic job in the bass department. Pop is a great experience because they have a really fun punchiness.  And hip-hop reveals an impressive depth; my brain was thumpin’. The lows made me want to keep listening.


If I had to say anything negative about the FiiO F9 PRO, it might be the mids. They’re a tad lacking, especially in the upper mid range. But overall, they still have a nice equilibrium, and it wouldn’t stop me from buying them. However, if you only listen to rock, you might be slightly disappointed.


The highs have a nice clarity. There’s a bit of sibilance in certain songs, but I didn’t hear it too much across music genres. The FiiO F9 PRO might be a little bright in spots for some listeners, but it didn’t bother me too much. Female vocals are a pleasure to listen to, and percussion/cymbals really snap. They have a great transient response. It’s like biting into a popsicle without the brain freeze.


I wasn’t blown away by the soundstage. It doesn’t have much width, and this shows especially when listening to live recordings. At the same time, the imaging is precise.


For sure, The FiiO F9 PRO are great for pop, hip-hop and EDM.  Acoustic guitars and strings are less impressive, and lack some subtleties. The timbre isn’t as present as I’d like. But in general, these F9 PRO are great value for money and can compete with the higher priced market. You’ll enjoy them.

SPECIFICATIONS – FiiO F9 PRO In-Ear Headphones Review

Type: 1 dynamic and 2 balanced armature drivers

Frequency response: 15Hz – 40kHz

Sensitivity: 106 dB/mW

Impedance: 28 Ohms

Cable length: 1.2m

Weight: 3.76 g per unit

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