Fiio FD7 Review

FiiO FD7

Fiio has been at the front end of a lot of semi-open-air IEMs recently, with models like the FH5s, and FA7s. I’ve listened to both of these models and while they can be relied upon for an enjoyable sound, they don’t quite replicate the open-back experience to its fullest degree. The FD7 is not one of their most premium semi-open IEMs, and have been able to listen to it for quite some time. Can this $599.99 IEM give you a more open experience than its predecessors?

Fiio items

What You Get

  • Balanced ear tips*3 pairs (SML)
  • Bass ear tips*3 pairs (SML)
  • SpinFit ear tips*3 pairs (SML)
  • Triple-flange ear tips*2 pairs (SL)
  • Vocal ear tips*3 pairs (SML)
  • Foam ear tips*2 pairs
  • Cleaning brush*1
  • Carrying case*1
  • MMCX assist tool*1
  • User manual*1
  • Interchangeable sound tube*3 pairs
  • Magnetic cable organizer*1
  • 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm interchangeable audio plugs*1 set
  • 4-stranded 224-core high-purity pure silver cable*1

Fiio Single

Look and Feel

The FD7 has a solid outer casing with its open grille resembling claw marks on the earphone’s surface. For such a dense piece the housing is actually quite small, and its circular size reminds me of the Dunu Zen which I thought also had a great design. It won’t feel too heavy in your ear though, as the FD7 will give you good comfort and support for long listening sessions.

Fiio cable


This IEM is one of the few models that comes stacked with a beryllium diaphragm, which seems to always ensure a great sound. A 12mm dynamic driver aims to deliver that sound, along with its stock high-purity cable made of pure silver. Interchangeable sound tubes are also used to shape certain characteristics of the sound signature, like soundstage and balance.

  • Impedance: 50Ω@1kHz
  • Sensitivity: 111dB@1mW
  • Max. Input Power: 100mW

Fiio pair


I have now listened to a few different open and semi-open-air IEMs, and their effects can vary. Fiio has provided most of these types of designs, and they bring higher expectations for a different soundstage than what we are used to hearing on IEMs. In the case of the FD7, Fiio fulfills that expectation by presenting a deep and layered stage with enticing imaging. It is actually not even the widest in Fiio’s semi-open-air IEM catalog, but the amount of spatial territory it covers is more than admirable for an IEM at any price.

Its wrap-around is minimal but you can still feel the sound elements move around in a grander field. They are stacked on each other with good separation in front-to-back motion, with low-end frequencies pooling around your jawline, and high-end frequencies finding their space with greater height. The level of depth here is just enough for each section of sound to respond dynamically.

Low End

Bass frequencies have a strong but balanced presence in the frequency response. Its edge is quite sharp, with a quick transient response for a cleaner punch that is easily gripping and is sure to satisfy anyone who hears the FD7. Sub-bass tones are also given a good highlight as well, adding a subtler rumble to the timbre that is equally as full as the rest of the frequency response.


A great range of midrange detail is achieved with the FD7, granting its listener a wealth of clear tones to sink your ears in. Their spacious response provides exquisite detail throughout and is just as impactful as the lows. It is an expressive timbre that showcases instruments and vocals with a degree of realism that accurately portrays each performance with clarity. There is a drive here that gives its output an enjoyable level of energy that always commands your attention.


Nothing about the highs goes out of anyone’s comfort zone with exaggerated brightness or airiness. It keeps to a range of frequencies that are smooth but still keep up with the liveliness of the sound signature. You won’t hear any of the roll-off either, as the treble remains consistently flat and easy to digest throughout its response.


For the money, this may be one of my personal favorite IEMs from Fiio yet. Their sound is right where it should be for the price, and it is one of the few open-air IEMs to actually feel close to the level of what that soundstage should appear like. Add to that a great look and good comfort for long listening hours and you have one winner of an IEM. Its sound isn’t blow-away fantastic, but I was still enticed by its timbre and depth for a majority of my listening experience with the FD7.

The Fiio FD7 is available at Audio46.

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