Fostex Announce Limited Edition Purple Variant For TH-900MK2

With only 140 units being made worldwide, Fostex is unleashing a new color variation for their acclaimed TH-900MK2 headphone. Their previous limited edition release was the pearl white variant which was released around the end of 2020. Those who wish to own this newly stylized version of one of the best closed-back, over-ear headphones on the market should act fast, as orders will close on May 13th, 2022. You will not be able to purchase the TH-900MK2 in purple after that date.

Features Specific to Limited-Edition Brilliant Purple TH-900mk2:

  • Beautiful custom-made Brilliant Purple colored Urushi lacquer, which requires very special treatments and processes in its production.
  • Gold Fostex logo on the side of the housings.
  • “Anniversary” audio tuning featuring smooth and focused low-end response.
  • Production is limited to 140 pieces worldwide.


Headphone Type:       Closed, Dynamic

Impedance:                 25 ohm

Sensitivity:                   100dB/mW

Max Input:                   1,800mW

Freq. response:          5 – 45K Hz

Weight:                        Approx. 390g (excluding cable)

Accessories:               Headphone Stand, Leatherette Bag

The Fostex TH-900MK2 will be available soon for $1,799 at Audio46.

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