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Fischer Audio Wow Earbud Review 2

Fischer audio has an array of affordable earbuds that have been generally very well received by listeners. Today we’ll be talking about their “Wow” earbuds, which run for $48. This price point is often a good sweet spot between quality and affordability. The $50 range should be enough to get many listeners what they’re looking for, but it’s important to steer clear of earbuds that don’t give you the full bang for your buck, as lower priced models can be very hit or miss.

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What’s in the Box

  • Wow Earbuds
  • 3 extra sets of ear tips

Fischer Audio Wow Earbud Review 3

Look, Feel, and Design

These have a minimalistic, no frills look to them. Their thin, cylindrical design means they wont touch your ears at all, lowering their chances of causing any discomfort. If you normally need earphones that have some extra grip in order to keep them in your ears, these may not be ideal. They basically rely on the ear tips fitting firmly enough to secure themselves. For most people, however, their fit should work just fine. These also feature a microphone and controls for play/pause/next track and to answer/hang up calls.

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Sound quality

The Wow have a very clean, purified sound with a noticeable shine to it. They have a softened edge on the sound, so if you want overt forwardness be aware these lean away from that and more towards serenity and warmth. Their treble is very pronounced and boosted, giving these a significant amount of brightness, which is balanced out by their warmer midrange. For those with sensitive ears, these could be good at eliminating any ringing or metallic sounds in vocals or guitars. The Wow definitely have a very modern sound, which can help them clean up more vintage recordings and enhance the sound of today’s fidelity. 

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Bass response 

These have a somewhat boosted bass response, not the heaviest of all time but certainly not tamed. They should satisfy the low end needs of most listeners, and help extend the punch of lower percussion and rumble of baselines. Bass heads may want more low end than these have to offer, but the bass-averse will likely not feel overwhelmed with how controlled they are. I’d give the bass leveling on these slightly above average and the bass quality at meeting the standard and exceeding it on some more challenging bass-heavy tracks.

Width and Immersive Abilities

While these are not noise cancelling, their ability to keep out outside noise is ample to make sure your music stays uninterrupted. In terms of the width of their sound, these have a good sense of space that should ensure most songs have a realistic, surround sound feel. Elements are well spread across the stereo spectrum, and their purified sound makes it easy to pick out individual elements. 


These feel like a crowd pleaser earbud at a good price. Many listeners will appreciate their cleaned up, shiny sound, but perhaps old school sound lovers may shy away from this sonic character. If you want a solid earbud with some punch in the bass, a smoothed out midrange, and boosted treble, the Wow may be for you. 

Pros: Clean, modern sound, good bass response, low price

Cons: Ear fit not for everyone, may be too bright for some’s taste

You can purchase the Fischer Audio Wow at Audio46

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