Mixed On Focal Is A New Program For HD Playlists Highlighting True Sound

In 2020 Focal initiated a project called “The Artists Experience” where professional sound engineers using Focal monitors shared their experiences. The goal was to establish a link between the home and pro listening world, creating playlists to showcase tracks mixed exclusively on Focal products. Using streaming services like Qobuz, Tidal, Apple Music, and Amazon Music HD, you’ll be able to access playlists meant for high-fidelity listening on Focal products.

The first “Mixed on Focal” playlist is available today from the selected streaming services, with Spotify HD support in the works.

Mixed on Focal playlists are a perfect way to show off the incredible sound of Focal speakers,” said Romain Vet, VP of Marketing & Communications, Focal Naim America. “The pro audio community works tirelessly to record and mix the best sounding music possible, and listeners dream about hearing the best representation of that music — now we offer them a way to hear the music as it was mixed and meant to be heard – by listening on Focal speakers with ‘Mixed on Focal’ high-resolution streaming playlists.”

Mix engineers featured on the first “Mixed on Focal” playlist include Mike Pepe (Focal Trio6 Be / Twin6 Be), Ryan West (Focal Solo6 Be), Eric Stenman (Focal Trio6 Be), Rob Tavalglione (Focal Trio11 Be), Luca Pretolesi (Focal Trio11 Be), Jimmy Bralower (Focal Twin6 Be), Ian Boxill (Focal Solo6 Be), and Will Yip (Focal Trio6 Be).

A selection of recording artists they mixed and are included in the playlist are Sydney Sprague, Wilder, Taking Back Sunday, Sundressed, AWOLNATION, Diplo, Jason Derulo feat. David Guetta & Nicki Minaj, Lenny White, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson & Merle Haggard, KAMAUU, Rebecca Angel, Ryan Shaw, Mark Rivera, Chad Everett Butler, Aron Stornaiuolo, Nothing, Tigers jaw, and Movements, with many more artists, albums, and songs to be announced and available on “Mixed on Focal” streaming playlists in the future.

Listen to the “Mixed on Focal” high-resolution playlists here:

Find out more about the “Mixed on Focal” engineers and get the latest HD Audio playlists: https://www.focalnaimamerica.com/artistsexperiences.

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