Melco Unveils N100-H50 Entry Level Digital Library

Melco Audio has significantly upgraded its highly acclaimed entry-level N100-H20 digital music library, creating a new high-capacity HDD variant, the N100-H50, which more than doubles the original device’s music storage capability.

The new N100-H50 benefits from a 150 percent capacity increase over the standard 2 TB N100-H20 (which stays in the range), to a whopping 5 TB. The upgraded 5 TB HDD is no ordinary drive, either: it is the same audio-specific model featured in the N100-H50’s upmarket sibling, the £7,499 N10 45th anniversary limited edition digital music library.

The half-width, compact chassis N100-H50 builds on the class-leading N1Z series and introduces Melco sound quality, versatility, and ease of use, at an entry-level price.

The N100-H50 is based on an easy-to-place 215 mm-wide chassis, which is half the width of most full-size hi-fi products. It uses the same extreme-low-noise, high-precision digital music dataflow in the existing Melco series and, crucially, is designed from the ground-up as an audio-specific device: Melco famously eschews standard IT components or PC parts.

A low-profile mainboard uses the same RISC processor and architecture as the flagship N1Z series, ensuring very low noise with precise data management. The device benefits from twin Ethernet ports: a dedicated Ethernet ‘player’ port connects directly to network streamers without an intervening data switch, ensuring timing is maintained.

The N100-H50 can also be used as a self-contained local hi-res digital music player when connected via a USB DAC; data rates of up to 32 bit/384 kHz and Octo DSD are supported, along with gapless and Melco markerless DSD.

Control is via the Melco Music HD app, from the front panel, or approved third-party RF remote handsets; the N100 will operate with both USB DACs and Ethernet-connected players without connection to a data network standalone Isolated Mode. When connected to a network, popular UPnP control point apps can be used for control. The N100-H50 is also Roon Ready following a recent firmware upgrade.


  • Fine design both for rack-style and desktop use (215 mm)
  • Aluminum front and top panel with hairline finish
  • 2 mm steel sheet chassis for anti-vibration
  • HDD is designed with an anti-vibration system “HS-S²”(Highly Stable Storage System) under the same concept as N1ZS/2A.
  • LAN port for direct connection with the player (no LED for status indication)
  • USB2.0  x3 is compatible with USB-DAC, USB CD drive, and USB storage such as USB HDD or USB flash memory. When the drive is connected, the user can choose the purpose of the drive on the front display. (Import, expansion, backup, restore, etc)
  • Low C/N clock of NDK
  • Power management system by FPGA for improved system stability.
  • Fan-less design

Main functions

  • 2.0TB or 5.0 TB 2.5”SFF HDD x 1
  • Gigabit Dual Ethernet LAN port
  • PC file sharing function
  • DLNA/UPnP media server function with Twonky Server 8.5
  • USB-DAC connection for USB playback – supports Gapless and DSD with DoP and Melco Markerless DSD.
  • Automatic download of music files from Hires and other vendors will be announced, with a file integrity check.
  • CD import to local HDD using Gracenote Database.
  • Backup and Restore of internal HDD – compatible with Melco N1 series.
  • 215 x 61 x 269mm
  • Net weight Appx.3kg

The N100-H50 will be available at the beginning of July priced at $3,525.05.

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