Focal Elegia Closed Back Headphones Review

Focal Elegia Closed Back Headphones Review

Days like these remind audiophiles that there is a god. Introducing the Focal Elegia closed-back headphone. Focal has risen to the top of the audiophile market with its three high-end open-back headphones: the Elear, the Clear and the mother of all cans, the Utopia. Known for their huge soundstage, ridiculous detail and superb transient response, no other headphone comes close to Focal’s performance. But closed-back they have yet to conquer…Until now. Focal’s big launch will take place today at CANJAM RMAF. Our reviewers will be testing the Elegia by the time they go on sale later this month. But until we publish the Focal Elegia Closed Back Headphones Review, here’s what we know:


The price point for these bad boys lands somewhere in between the Elear and the Clear, at $899. So, no need to mortgage the house.

Impedance and Portability

Perhaps the most exciting news about the Elegia is the Impedance. These headphones are designed to be used with a portable player. At 35 Ohms, the Elegia will allow you to schlep around with just your player or portable DAC in your pocket. 

Focal Elegia Closed Back Headphones Review


One thing that sets Focal’s open-backs apart from the rest is their full-range speaker drivers. Anyone who has listened to them knows that incredible feeling of being surrounded by acoustic speakers. Now, Focal has integrated this technology into its closed-back design without compromising detail in the low frequencies. And their exclusive and low compliance electrodynamic transducers are designed to work effectively in a limited inner environment without trading off their amazing dynamics and extended frequency response of 23kHz. The now famous “M” shape dome is also employed in the Elegia’s design. The build is light and maintains the great damping and high rigidity that characterizes all of their high performance cans. 

Focal Elegia Closed Back Headphones Review


Again, we expect these cans to be as light as the open-backs, which is light. And just like the Elear, the Clear and the Utopia, the Elegia should also offer a comfortable and ergonomic fit. Focal also boasts superb sound isolation, delivering on the promise of a truly effective closed-back design.


If Batman had headphones, it would be these.

Focal Elegia Closed Back Headphones Review

You can pre-order the Elegia for the best price at:

Audio 46: Focal Elegia Closed Back Headphones 

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