SoundMAGIC E11 In-Ear Headphone Review

SoundMAGIC E11 In-Ear Headphone Review

I’m continually being blown away by the kind of sound quality you can get for under 50 bucks these days. Companies like Final Audio and Advanced Wearable Audio have produced incredible sound quality at this price point. So, what about SoundMAGIC’s new E11? Can it join this group of overachievers? Let’s find out in this SoundMAGIC E11 In-Ear Headphone Review.

SoundMAGIC E11 In-Ear Headphone Review

IN the BOX

SoundMAGIC E11 In-Ear Headphone Review


The diameter of the ear tips is on the larger side. So, I had to use the smallest silicone sleeves to get a good fit. The seal doesn’t feel particularly snug and the sound isolation isn’t mind-blowing. But still, they feel very comfortable, and they’re so light. It’s easy to forget you’re wearing them.

SoundMAGIC E11 In-Ear Headphone Review


Again, what I love about the E11 is that they’re as light as a feather. They also have a pleasing minimalist design that’s free from any bull. The cable is silver plated, supposedly offering a higher resolution in sound. I also ran into minimal tangling, which makes them hassle free when you take them out of your pocket. The buds and angled connector are made from aluminum. But I wouldn’t bet on their durability since the connections on the cable are only covered with a very pliable rubber.

If you need a mic and remote, go for the E11C.

SoundMAGIC E11 In-Ear Headphone Review


I’m into it. These are very well balanced and versatile buds. However, they might be a bit light on the bass for those who like a thicker low end. In general, it’s not a particularly meaty sound. But though the sound profile sits on the lighter side, the even distribution of frequencies gives you a full sounding mix. They also have a tight feel, giving pop the snap it needs. But if you mainly listen to this genre, you’ll probably want something a little more subby. Rock, on the other hand, sounds perfect. There’s a good amount of midrange presence and evenness to give big choruses the body they deserve. And I was impressed by the transparency and separation for the price. So, they work well for folk music or anything involving acoustic guitars as well. Listening to strings and brass in the higher frequencies, the peaks had a smooth roundness that avoided any piercing. At the same time, there was enough clarity in the high end to make these earphones suitable for classical as well. Golf clap.


In terms of sound, the E11 are among the better headphones I’ve tested in this price range. If you need a good all-rounder in terms of genre, and you’re not into a chunky bass, these buds are a good bang for your buck.

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