RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earphones Review

RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earphones Review

In a perfect world, there’s a pair of true wireless earphones that are as reliable as the Apple AirPods but sound even better. Alas, after reviewing countless true wireless buds, I’ve found that very few work consistently well and sound fantastic at the same time. But now the RHA TrueConnect True Wirelesse earphones have finally arrived at MajorHiFi.

RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earphones Review

RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earphones Review

The RHA TrueConnect comes with a charging case, a USB-C charging cable, 10 pairs of eartips, and a user manual.  

Utilizing Bluetooth 5 technology, battery life measures an impressive 5 hours, with an additional 20 hours available from the charging case.  Roughly 15 minutes of charging garners 2.5 hours of playback. However, charging the full battery to 5 hours can take just under 2 hours.

The earpieces themselves feel slim and lightweight, with stems that stretch down a little way to position the microphone closer to my mouth.  This results in better call quality than what I’ve seen with other true wireless earphones.

Both earpieces feature a round playback button, allowing you to pause or resume playback, accept or end phone calls, or activate a voice assistant.  

Pairing is also easy; simply press and hold both playback buttons at the same time to enter pairing mode.  The range is rated at 10 m (or about 33 feet) – which held up during my test session. It is important to note that this range is line-of-sight, and the signal may drop or become intermittent if there are objects or walls between the earphones and the music source.  

Once situated in my gigantic dumbo ears, the fit seemed incredibly snug.  Even with a silicon eartip, there was no way this thing is ever going to fall out of my ear.  However, if silicon tips aren’t your particular cup of tea, the RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earphones also come with Comply foam tips.

RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earphones Review


Sweat/splash resistance: IPX5
Driver: 6mm dynamic
Frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz
Weight (earbuds): 13g
Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3 years

As you can see from these specs, the RHA offers decent sweat and water resistance, as well as a fairly standard driver and frequency range.  Weight it slight, and a long warranty beats out every other truly wireless earphone on the market right now – including the yet-to-be-released models from Sennheiser and Audio Technica.  

Low End

Detailed and natural, the lows remain lifelike – and surprisingly so when you consider this is a truly wireless earphone retailing for $169.  There’s no overemphasis here, with a clean, accurate sense of bass that lends just a slight amount of punch to the low end, without drawing away from the general sense of fidelity here.  


Good detail and good fidelity mark the midrange of the RHA TrueConnect Truly Wireless Earphones.  Despite the presence of a small bit of distortion, the sound here in general remains fairly impressive with otherwise-decent fidelity.  Vocals and instrumentation sound equally crisp, while working well with the precise, punchy low end.

High End

Never too bright or piercing, the RHA TrueConnect offers a svelte sound in the high end.  Characterized by precise instrumentation and silky smooth vocals, this party of the frequency range sounds fantastic no matter what I throw at it.  Even the highest highs are handled with ease, leading to an amazing listening experience.


For truly wireless earphones, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of soundstage on these RHAs.  However, there’s still some depth and space at play here. Not enough to compete with the very best earphones for soundstage, like the stuff from 64Audio.  But the TrueConnect still offers an extra dimension of depth to most of my test tracks, making them more fun to listen to than any of the truly wireless stuff I’ve tried so far.  

Other Observations

Dynamics in truly wireless earphones never arrest my attention like they do in the RHA TrueConnect.  If there was ever a fast, contrasty sans wire model for Audiophiles, this is it.

Stacked against the mass-market crowd-pleasing AirPods, the sound comes across as more detailed and less compressed.  I pretty much expected as much, considering RHA’s heritage, and it’s nice not to be disappointed in this area.

All in all, the RHA TrueConnect constitutes a solid entry into the world of truly wireless earphones – and one without any major shortcomings.  More than anything, I’m wondering if Sennheiser or Audio Technica can do anything to top this high-end sound.

RHA TrueConnect True Wireless Earphones Review


If you’re already an Apple Zombie, just buy the AirPods and be done with it.  If you want the best sound quality you can get, splash the extra $10 on the RHA TrueConnect.  The simple fact of the matter is this: the RHA TrueConnect offers a better sound regardless of what you listen to.  

Really, the only truly wireless model I would even recommend over this model might be the PSB M4U TW1.  Maybe. While the M4U TW1 can be an absolute nightmare to pair, with less battery life and less overall detail, it still offers a slightly emphasized bass for folks who want more oomph than that found in the RHA.  And it comes in a shade cheaper at $149.

Final Analysis

At $169, the RHA TrueConnect Truly Wireless Earphones offer clear benefit to fans of detailed and precise sound.  The quality build, excellent battery life, and secure fit are just icing on the figurative cake. If you’re in the market for a truly wireless earphone, this is the one you need to own.  

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