CANJAM RMAF 2018 New Releases

CANJAM RMAF 2018 New Releases

Audio nerds unite. CanJam at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival will deliver fun new toys for headphone lovers to drool over. Let’s take a look at some of the CANJAM RMAF 2018 New Releases.

CANJAM RMAF 2018 New Releases

JH Audio

JH Audio is on the scene to show off their Universal Comfort Fit Shell, along with some leather stuff and their Signature Designs Artwork.

Lucky fans might score some giveaways too, including the Special Edition Universal JH13v2Pro. It will feature the new comfort shell design and will be paired with the AK70 MKII, created by Jerry’s buddy, Astell & Kern. And those who dream of owning the Roxanne could get their hands on a Special Edition version, which will be paired with the AK KANN. These one-off designs resemble the JHA Signature line and are intended to be a companion to the AK70 MKII and AK KANN. To enter, just stop by the booths of JH Audio or Astell & Kern. And those who don’t win can at least get 20% off on some of Jerry Harvey’s IEMs.


Hifiman is going Electrostatic for cheaper. Some brands have been bringing back this heralded technology at obscene prices. Hifiman became one of these companies when it introduced the $8000 Shangri-La Jr headphone and amplifier system. But now, Hifiman presents you with the Jade II, an Electrostatic System at an unprecedented price. For $2499, you’re getting an Electrostatic headphone and an accompanying desktop amp. The Jade II headphone is based on the Shangri-La Jr and boasts an amazing amount of transparency and detail. The Jade II Amplifier was specifically designed to be the ideal amplification source for the Jade II headphones. Though you can get your first peek at CanJam, the Jade II will be available for shipping, starting December 2018.

Hifiman is bringing down the price point of its best planar magnetic technology as well. They’re introducing the Arya, based on the HE1000v2, for $1599.

Mr. Speakers

Mr. Speakers is presenting the ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow version 1.1. This new version delivers improved tuning and a new VIVO cable, which is an upgrade from their previous flagship DUM cable.


Klipsch will introduce their updated La Scala AL5 Speaker. Old folks may remember the original 1963 version, which was created for professional use. This baby offers 105dB sensitivity, allowing you to get a freqload of sound with minimal amplification. How do they do that? Horns. Though acoustic horns are used less frequently in speakers these days, Klipsch features a Tactrix horn and 1 inch tweeter to extend high frequency output above 20kHz. They’ve also updated the crossover network and implemented AuioQuest internal wiring. And Klipsch has revamped the input panel and cable management system. They’ve also increased the thickness of their high frequency cabinet to 1 inch to reduce resonance. This baby comes in 3 different authentic wood finishes; cherry, satin black ash and American Walnut. The La Scala AL5 is priced at $4,999. You can pick it up, starting November 2018 from Certified Heritage Dealers.

Clear Tune Monitors

Clear Tune Monitors is about to dazzle us with their new Da Vinci Series IEMs. Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s scribbles and inventions, these 9 and 10 driver models combine aesthetic sophistication and durability to produce mind-blowingly beautiful buds. CTM adds to that their new silver/copper premium cable with a 2.5mm connector if you choose to go balanced.

CTM is also introducing its IEM Premium Cable Line, which includes 4 and 8 wire copper, silver and hybrid braided cables. They will be available with 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm connectors. Also being unveiled, are the new Acessory IEM Cables; a new standard cable, a wireless connection cable and a smartphone cable with mic. Their newly designed angled connectors and braided wires make the cables tougher and more flexible.

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