New Release: Audiophile Headphone Grado GS2000e

Attention audiophiles, this is not a drill! Grado has just announced a new headphone joining their acclaimed “e” series – the Grado GS2000e.

Grado GS2000e

New Release: Audiophile Headphone Grado GS2000e

Drawing from the distinguished craftsmanship of Stradivarius and Guarnerius, which used a combination of woods to craft violins and cellos that have subsequently become legendary, as well as priceless, Jon Grado is making the GS2000e of two wooden components.

The GS2000e consists of a hybrid wood enclosure. The outer enclosure is crafted from Mahogany and the inner enclosure is crafted from Maple. It will operate off of 50 mm drivers developed specifically for the new model. “This driver is based upon the improvements designed into the ‘e’ series drivers,” states the Brooklyn-based headphones company.

Inspiration for the blended wooden model is also owed to the modern method of crafting many wood bodied musical instruments, such as guitars and pianos.

“The powerful combination of design considerations results in a headphone of sheer musical ability and a full frequency voice that will delight the most demanding music aficionados,” Grado adds.

The new headphone will retail at $1395.00. The high-quality headphone is also available with a 4 pin XLR balance cable for an additional $170.

The Grado GS2000e is already available for pre-order and will ship in roughly 3-4 weeks.