Grado IGe Announced

Grado IGe Announced

Three days ago, news broke that Grado has designed and released its first iOS-enabled in-ear headphones, the Grado IGe.

Grado IGe Announced

Grado IGe Announced

Sporting an Apple iOS remote on the cable, the IGe will let you adjust volume, pause and play music, answer phone calls, and chat with Siri.

The IGe features a frequency range of 20-20000 hertz, a nominal impedance of just 24 ohms, and a sensitivity of 105 decibels.

It’s also using some of the same technology as the much-lauded GR8e and GR10e.  So sound shouldn’t be all that bad, either.

The coolest part of the deal?  These babies are going to retail for an affordable $99.  So while the GR8e and GR10e can offer more for big spenders looking for delicious, high-quality earphones, the new IGe offers a more budget-friendly entry-level option.

While part of me is wary of Grado doing anything with Apple, I’m also a little giddy to see casual consumers and iTards alike getting hooked on the Grado Secret Sauce.

Now if Grado can just ramp up that non-existent marketing budget and start doing product placement in major movies, we might see the wider recognition this brand deserves.

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