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HiBy Yvain Review by MajorHifi

You might know HiBy for their affordable digital audio players, but they also have an extensive line of IEMs too. This is the first time we’re able to cover any of their products on MajorHiFi, so I’m excited to see what they are all about. This product is the Yvain, a pair of IEMs that cost only $239. With many other ChiFi brands making a name for themselves in this price range, can the Yvain stand out?

HiBy Yvain items

What You Get

  • Yvain Earphones
  • S/M/L silicone tips
  • S/M/L foam tips
  • Storage bag
  • 2-pin 3.5mm cable
    • 3.5mm adapter
    • 4.4mm balanced adapter
  • Cleaning tool
  • User guide

HiBy Yvain single

Look & Feel

I’m a sucker for IEMs that have a specific theme that becomes part of their design. The Yvain is inspired by a classic twelfth-century novel that refers to a character named “the Knight of the Lion.” A lion is etched into the aluminum alloy faceplates of the IEMs, which is a great bit of artistry that is usually reserved for the high-end. It’s all shaped in a classic IEM ergonomic casing that fits comfortably in your ear.

HiBy Yvain cable


The Yvain offers a four-driver configuration that includes both Knowles balanced armatures and Sonion full-range dual drivers. This is supported by a 3-way crossover that collects signal information from these drivers and delivers them through a cohesive output. An acoustic chamber is also implemented to ensure isolated channels without significant interference.

HiBy Yvain pair


I’ve heard IEMs in this price range that are super wide and holographic, but the Yvain goes for a different type of soundstage. There’s some nice width here, but the positioning of each sound feels closer to you. The Yvain shows a limit to its headspace, but everything within it still has structure. This is thanks to the spatial imaging on display. With the Yvain, there’s a linear but accurate presentation of sound elements. The mix of different tracks maintains separation and readable movement across a traditional left/right stereo field. Each channel appears balanced and specific in a mix, adding precision to the sound field. Rarely does the Yvain feel like an immersive sonic environment, but it does enough to sustain an accurate representation of the image within its closer space.

Low End

If the Yvain is supposed to have more of a reference tuning, then the bass is showing an uncharacteristic amount of coloration. You get a ton of shape and body here, with frequencies stacked under your jawline for better separation and clarity. The tone has a significant drive to it, coming into form with a solid timbre that feels dominant. There’s never any confusion here though, as the bass can decipher specific notes and subtle details. This makes for a more transparent bass response that comes across effortlessly.


The Yvain’s main attribute is its full midrange response. Everything from the low-mids to the upper-mids is handled with great control and finesse. It’s balanced well with the expressive bass, separating itself to showcase instruments and vocals with refined details and clarity for the price. There’s enough room presented to decipher the complete tonality of certain instruments. Its gain leans slightly towards the lows for a touch of warmth, which comes across smoothly. Overall, the mids seem very reliable, presenting a natural timbre that feels believable.


While the highs are tight and balanced, you won’t find much emphasis here. It does well to avoid exaggerated brightness and peakiness, but there’s still not much flavor to them. Some listeners won’t mind this response, and I certainly find it rather inoffensive. You won’t get that spark though, which makes the Yvain a bit less fun, but it makes up for that in other areas. There’s still a good presence to it though, and they’re able to communicate an easy tone.


There are a lot of fun and colorful ChiFi IEMs in this price range, but they’ve never been as precise as the Yvain is. While it’s not the most holographic of a spatially immersive set of IEMs, it still provides quick and tight imaging that is easy to localize in a mix. Channel separation is great, and leaves a lot of space for the bass and mids to showcase a lot of expressive, realistic details. If you’re looking for something with a reliable reference that isn’t afraid to feature some clear impact, then the Yvain is a great pick for $239.

Pros Cons
  • Accurate imaging
  • Impactful bass
  • Full midrange
  • Great design
  • 4.4mm balanced adapter
  • Good price
  • Very plain treble region

The HiBy Yvain is available from Linsoul.

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