TOZO T10 2024 Edition Review

TOZO T10 2024 Edition Review by MajorHiFi

TOZO has significantly expanded its growing library this past year. They’ve started to dabble in open-air earbuds, as well as providing new traditional true wireless models. Now TOZO is updating one of their previous models, the T10. With this new 2024 version, TOZO looks to upgrade the tuning and wireless capabilities of these generously priced pairs of true wireless earbuds.

What You Get

  • TOZO T10 New Upgraded Wireless Earbuds
  • Wireless Charging Case
  • 6 pairs of ear tips (XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Guide & User Manual

TOZO T10 single

Look & Feel

There are a few differences between the design of the new and old versions of the T10. One is that the earbuds and charging case are both a bit smaller than the last ones. This makes for a more ergonomic design that makes for a better fit all around, both in your ears and in your pocket. I used the white version, and I feel like it’s a big upgrade in terms of simple aesthetics, like the glossy rim surrounding the touch sensor surface.

TOZO T10 case

Design & Functionality

Inside the T10 is a newly upgraded 8mm dynamic driver, now supported by TOZO’s OrigX 2.0 acoustic technology. There is no active noise-canceling, but you can use TOZO’s companion app to access features like EQ and customizable controls. This EQ in particular acts like a parametric EQ, except there’s no way to adjust Q size. You do get a lot of nodes to mess around and shape the sound signature with. In terms of the controls, the touch sensors are very responsive. They answer with a short delay, with actions registering effortlessly.


The new T10 supports Bluetooth version 5.3. Pairing is instantaneous and highly table throughout multiple hours of listening. I never experienced any significant dropouts or latency issues.

Battery Life

One of the most impressive features of the new T10 is its battery life. From one complete charge, the T10 offers 15 hours of playtime, totaling 55 hours with the charging case. This is a very impressive feat that shoots well beyond the T10’s price range, surpassing many popular true wireless earbuds on the market.

TOZO T10 pair


When listening to the T10, I can only think about what you’re getting for the price. I am still properly immersed in the soundstage and imaging that the T10 can provide, but it’s more impressive considering what you’re paying. It can only disappoint if the sound is completely muddled, closed in, and disorganized. Thankfully, the new T10 is none of those things, as the soundstage is respectably wide. There’s a good level of separation between sound elements, with an attempt to bring the position of each sound to a place of accuracy. It’s all very linear but strictly inoffensive. The left and right channels showcase a surprising amount of distinction, with most sounds staying away from the center of the mix.

Low End

Disregarding the price, the new T10 has a strong bass that responds great with EQ. In its default state, the T10 has a well-balanced bass with good presence and clarity. It has a dominant body, but it’s never used to distract you or overindulge with artificial textures. Bass heads will get plenty of impact and bloom from the low frequencies, and you can go even further with their width and thickness. I liked to raise the range between 20 and 50Hz a bit to give the sub-bass some extra rumble, but it’s really the mid-bass that will give you the most effective change in timbre.


There’s not as much recession in the mids as I had expected. Usually, with earbuds in this price range, you get a lot of exaggerated low-mids and upper-mids, but the T10 has better balance than most of them. I prefer more enunciation from my mids, which can be done by adjusting EQ in the right areas. I was mainly surprised by how full everything feels coming through the T10. Instruments showcase more weight and utilize a lot more space. Recordings come across more realistically with the amount of room certain elements occupy in the mix, and it’s all communicated with impressive organization.


The highs are mostly very even and clean without reaching harsh territory. I liked to use EQ the most here, throwing it on a high shelf and raising the gain slightly. This way, the T10 could show a more pronounced crispness, which I prefer from my highs. Even with this adjustment, the treble seemed easily controlled and smooth. Sounds dissipate off the top end in a natural way, with room to flavor the tone whichever way you want with EQ.


Even when disregarding the price, the T10 is a great set of true wireless earbuds on its own. The sound is clear and highly customizable with EQ, giving all types of listeners exactly what they need. The price point is certainly a selling point on its own, and any set of earbuds that sound good and work properly will be a steal. The T10 goes above and beyond though, offering fast pairing through Bluetooth and a massive battery life.

Pros  Cons
  • Wide soundstage
  • Impactful bass
  • Full mids
  • Controlled treble 
  • Improved fit
  • Responsive controls
  • Good EQ
  • Price
  • No ANC 

The TOZO T10 2024 edition is available from Amazon.

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