HiFiMAN SuperMini Portable Player Has Arrived

Rich audio has never been more convenient. Iterating its predecessor (HM901) in sound, but not size here’s HiFiMan SuperMini hi-res portable player.

HiFiMAN SuperMini Portable Player Has Arrived

Coming to you in a super lightweight chassis, the SuperMini portable player is designed to give you the utmost play time with stellar audio quality while sparing you on battery life. Although it is compact, SM features both normal and balanced outputs. It also accepts a wide array of audio formats.

HiFiMAN SuperMini

Some of you may wonder if a small size player with low battery consumption can actually provide a premium listening experience. All portable music players contain a controller chip and some controller chips have a DAC built into them to save on cost and power. As HiFiMAN CEO Dr. Fang Bian explains, hi-fi grade players tend to be bulkier in sound to deliver better quality sound, but his team has worked hard to prepare a minuscule player to get the job done.HiFiMAN SuperMini

“We spent years on a crazy project:Super Mini. We selected a low power consumption controller chip with a DAC built-in. After heavily modifying firmware and drivers of decoding/Audio/DAC, we have changed its original sound signature and achieved an amazing result.”

HiFiMAN SuperMini

That result is “transparent, warm, sweet, and punchy” sounds as described by BIAN. That sounds pretty fantastic if you ask me.

P.S. Did I mention the SuperMini has a 22 hour battery life?! Whoa! The SuperMini hi-res portable player can be yours today for a MSRP of $399.


Dimensions: 45mm x104mm x8.5mm W*H*D

Weight: 70g (2.5 Oz)

Battery Life: 22 hours (depends on the using style of the players and the formats of files.)

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz THD: 0.04%

S/N: 102 ± 3 dB

TF card memory: 128GB

Supported Music Formats (Up to 24Bit/192kHz):


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