Hifiman TWS 600 Review

Hifiman TWS 600 Review detail

It’s been a hot minute since I got the chance to demo a Hifiman product.  Yet, here I sit in the MajorHiFi review office with the new TWS 600 – a true wireless earphone retailing for a fair $199.  But at this price, how does it stack up to its competition?

Hifiman TWS 600 Review

Hifiman TWS 600 Review moulding detail

The TWS 600 comes with a charging case, USB-C charging cable, and nine pairs of eartips.

Made predominately of plastic, the earpieces feel lightweight and sturdy, if a little bit cheap.  That being said, the case actually feels more high-end, and not as flimsy as other charging cases out there.

Once placed in my ears, the TWS 600 feels extremely comfortable and light.  It’s the kind of true wireless earphone I could see myself listening to all day.  And that’s actually plausible, given the whopping 38.5 hour battery life on the TWS 600.

With 5.5 hours on the earpieces, and another 33 hours from the charging case, Hifiman’s true wireless doesn’t slough on battery life.  But the TWS 600 is also relatively easy to pair, whether you want to use both earphones at once, or if you just want to pair to a single side for one-ear listening.

Running on Bluetooth 5.0, the TWS 600 offers support for CVSD, mSBC, SBC, and AAC codecs.  The earphones also carry an IPX4 sweat resistance certification, so you can work out in them without fearing any issues.

Call quality comes across as fairly decent, and I have no problem hearing the lovely gals at the agency.  Similarly, my rich, mellifluous voice registers with sharpness and clarity as I address my mesmerized audience and negotiate an hourly rate.

Hifiman TWS 600 Review in charging case

Low End

In the low end, the Hifiman TWS 600 eschews the kind of low-end weight most other true wireless earphones emphasize.  The result appears in the form of a slightly relaxed low end with good detail, but one that is never too bassy.  And, while drums and bass guitars still exhibit a characteristic snap, there’s little warmth in this low end.  As such, these lows won’t be winning over any bassheads, but for other folks, the relaxed character may seem like a breath of fresh air.

Hifiman TWS 600 Review scale


Here the TWS 600 hits its stride, with a full and luscious midrange that just won’t quit.  Instrumentation feels tight and contrasting, but the vocals feel especially well-handled.  Standing out from the background, they hog the spotlight for most of my listening sessions, and I find myself naturally gravitating more towards rock, pop, and pop punk as I listen to the TWS 600.  Clean and clear, this midrange could work well with any genre, but the vocals make it sound something special for any vocal-heavy listening material.

High End

When it comes to the highs, the TWS 600 delivers strong detail and a little extra special sauce.  Instrumentation sounds solid and articulate, but like the mids, the highs tend to shine with vocal-heavy music.  The result is an emotive and engaging listening experience in the highs.  Yet, this intoxicating sound never becomes too harsh or extreme, leading to a sound that will work wonders with any listening tastes.

Hifiman TWS 600 Review worn in ear


The Hifiman TWS 600 has two things working against its sense of soundstage: an in-ear design and Bluetooth connectivity.  Both features tend to hamstring the sense of space and depth in an earphone.  However, with that in mind, Hifiman seems to have done a pretty impressive job here, as there’s still a good sense of depth and some sense of placement to this sound.  Simple rock tracks sound fantastic, but classical tunes don’t just sound listenable here – they can sound downright enjoyable!  Rest assured, if you’re looking for soundstage in a pair of true wireless, this is the pony to bet on.

Hifiman TWS 600 Review profile view

Other Observations

Fit remains a high point on the TWS 600.  The longer I listen with this earphone, the more natural it feels and the less I really notice it in my ears.  Surprisingly, despite the bulk of the earpieces, they do wear comfortable for longer listening sessions.  Furthering this, the wide selection of included eartips will help users find the ideal fit.

Hifiman TWS 600 Review from above and side


The Hifiman TWS 600 offers solid value for your money.  While less bass-heavy and bass-centric than some other earphones at this price, the sound quality feels like a breath of fresh air.  Vocal content especially shines here, and if you’re listening to pop, rock, electronica, or any genre with emphasis on mids and highs, you’ll love the luscious sound lurking here.

For fans of a bassier sound, the Audio Technica ATH-SPORT7 comes to mind.  While slightly less expensive at $199, it’s a solid alternative if you’re looking for more bass and the kind of sweat resistance that just won’t quit.  But despite being more exercise-oriented, this Audio Technica earphone does deliver much more oomph in the lows, making it a go-to choice for rock, hip-hop, and even some electronica.

However, when it comes to sheer vocal performance and even soundstage, nothing beats the Hifiman TWS 600 at $199.  If you’re looking for the best true wireless earphones for pop or classical music under $200, look no further.

Hifiman TWS 600 Review detail

Final Analysis

With a decidedly missing low end and solid mids and highs, the Hifiman TWS 600 offers an interesting sound that few other wireless earphones can compete with.  While not the perfect earphone for every genre, this economical earphone does offer solid value for anyone bumping classical or pop tunes.

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