Nesta House of Marley Ceramic Headphones

Earlier this week House of Marley launched an exciting new addition to their earbuds line, Nesta House of Marley ceramic headphones.

Nesta House of Marley Ceramic Headphones

These babies are House of Marley’s first ceramic housed earbuds. The trendy headphones company admits theĀ “zirconia ceramic housing and stainless steel trim” are for looks “create[ing] a jewel aesthetic.” The buds are ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit while a number of different ear tips are included to do just the same.

Nesta House of Marley Ceramic Headphones

When it comes to sound. the trendy headphones use 6mm drivers optimized to deliver a supreme listening experience with “plenty of bass.” No word on the specs, but a good bass response sounds pretty promising to me.

The accompanying cable is 52 inches long and braided to keep the wires from tangling and making noise. It also features an in-line mic and controller for users to switch back and forth between tracks as well as adjust their volume and take calls.

Nestas are available in three different colorways: Gold, Rose Gold, and Hematite (black).

True to a Marley mantra, the House of Marley buds are environmentally friendly. HoMĀ uses sustainable materials such as Precision Milled Aluminum in an effort to keep materials out of the waste stream.

Nesta House of Marley ceramic headphones can be purchased at for $49.99.

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