Is TikTok Launching Their Own Music Streaming Service?

One of the most popular social media platforms in the world might be getting into the music streaming game with a new service. There have been rumors circulating for a while, but it seems that TikTok has already launched its music streaming service internationally. If you live in Indonesia or Brazil, you now have access to TikTok Music. For now, we will have to wait for an official release here in the U.S., but we aren’t exactly starved for music streaming platforms here. With that said, what could TikTok offer to the music streaming market that’s new?

Potential Features

TikTok is already a vast social media app, with tons of music-related content to enjoy. Many people that use TikTok like they can discover new music through viral trends. This is what TikTok Music is planning to focus on as a major advantage over other streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music. With TikTok Music, users can sync their existing TikTok accounts, making songs you save through videos into a playlist. Other features like ad-free and offline listening. There was an attempt by TikTok to develop a music streaming service in the past with Resso, which has also been available internationally until now.

Lossless Streaming?

With a new music streaming platform entering the market, one of the imprtant questions for the audiophile world to consider is if TikTok Music will offer CD-quality streaming. With most services offering lossless and hi-res music streaming, including Spotify who announced that they were moving their library to lossless later this year, you might assume that TikTok Music would offer it as well to keep up with trends. Music discovery seems to be TikTok Music’s focus, so lossless audio might not be in the cards, but we will see once it releases in America. TikTok Music doesn’t seem like it’s trying to appeal to an audiophile market, but lossless streaming is still the norm right now. Whether or not TikTok Music has lossless streaming might not matter to the people that will be most interested in it, but it’s still important to condsider.

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