New Release Jays a-Six Wireless Headphones

Jays a-Six Wireless Headphones

Minimal, modern, and … slim (since I can’t think of another word with an
“m”) comes a new wireless in-ear bud from Jays. Meet Jays a-Six Wireless

New Release Jays a-Six Wireless Headphones

The wireless in-ear bud features a smooth exterior available in colorways
similar to that of their on-ear headphones: gray on silver, white  on
silver, and black on gold.

The a-Six housings are comprised of aluminum cut by CNC (computer numerical control) in a precise fashion to deliver high acoustic quality. It features a decal plate made of stainless steel finished with laser-cut holes serving as a tuned bassport.

Jays also promises the tiny little units are actually quite powerful. Fit with
6mm drivers that I’m going to assume are the reasoning behind the name, this wireless earphone is modeled after the same design principles found in Jays high-end q-
Jays. Nice! To boot, they tout a run time much longer than other wireless in-ear plugs of similar construction. The average is around 8 hours or so; a-Sixes will get you 12 whopping hours. Impressive! Also, this earbud features an in-line remote and controller that allows users to switch back and forth between tracks, pause and play their music, as well as answer and end calls.

For those into the specs, these earphones provide reach a frequency response between 20-20,000 Hertz at an impedance of 16 ohms, using  6 mm drivers.

Jays a-Six are currently available for pre-order and are expected to ship January 2018. It’ll also include 5 different size ear tips and a charging cable. They’ll cost you a smooth $79. Grab ’em from Jays.


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