JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review

JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review

We, at MajorHifi are big fans of JBL’s Bluetooth speakers. Durable, waterproof and a damn good time. A few months ago, I bought the Clip 2 for my goldfish, Larry, and it really brought him out of his depressive state. (God rest his soul). So, I was curious and mildly annoyed to to test out the new and improved, Clip 3. How does it sound, and what upgrades has it made from the previous version? Let’s find out in this JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review.

JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review


If you’ve seen the old Clip 2, you’ll notice that the Clip 3 has a sleeker design. The clip is seamlessly attached to the rest of the body, and the play and volume functions have been moved to the front of the speaker. So, no more fiddling around with hidden buttons, trying to figure out which is which. You can get plastered on Corona and still understand how to turn up the volume.

 Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review

JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review

As for colors, you’ve got a freqload to choose from…

Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review



Bluetooth connection is super fast and easy. It takes 5 seconds to pair it to your device for the first time. But after that, the Clip 3 connects automatically to your phone as soon as you turn it on.

Cables and Inputs

JBL has removed the auxiliary cable. But unlike some other reviews have suggested, this does NOT mean that you can’t connect the speaker through an auxiliary cable. An auxiliary input still exists, but you’ll just have to buy the cable. Personally, I like this update because it means less crap attached to the speaker. What is an auxiliary cable? Exactly.

The Clip 3 charges via a Micro-USB to USB cable, which is included in the box. I would have liked to see the sturdier and increasingly universal USB-C input instead. But I’m not going to break a window over it.

Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review


If you tend to be an over-sharer, rest assured that people around you will be able to hear your phone conversations loud and clear thanks to the “echo-cancelling” speaker-phone function. 

Battery Life

JBL has stepped it up a notch and given the Clip 3 a 10 hour battery life instead of the 8 hours provided by the old Clip 2. It also takes 3 hours to fully charge.


If you like to throw speakers into the pool just for the hell of it, you’ve got problems. But you’re also in luck. This IPX7 speaker can be submerged in water, though not for longer than 20 minutes or so. But feel free to leave the Clip 3 out in hurricane weather. Rain means nothing.


Just when you thought the Clip couldn’t get any louder…The Clip 3 blows off the roof. Well, not quite. But the max volume is impressive and more than enough for a small gathering.

But the biggest improvement that JBL has made is the clarity in sound. In fact, after listening to the Clip 3, my old Clip 2 almost sounded almost muddy in comparison. It also has some serious lows. You might not get as much bass from the Clip 3 as you will from some of JBL’s larger Bluetooth speakers, but this baby still gets pretty subby when it needs to.


This is a no-brainer. For 60 bucks, I have yet to come across a waterproof speaker that is as durable, reliable or as loud as the JBL Clip 3. Party on.

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