JBL Club Pro+ TWS IEM Review

JBL Club Pro+

JBL has built one of the most interactive platforms in sound with their latest products. With the Club Pro+ True Wireless IEMs, they continued this path. Very similar to their cousins the Live Pro+, they offer top-tier mobility, a ton of features, and of course, some nice sounds.

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Play time with ANC off – 8 hours
  • Play time with ANC on – 6
  • Charge time (hours from empty) – 2 hours
  • App with DJ Signature and Custom EQ
  • Bluetooth
  • Voice assistant
  • 3 button remote/mic
  • Built in microphone 
  • Charging case
  • Hands free call
  • S, M, L Eartips
  • USB Type C cable
  • Charging case
  • 1 year warranty

JBL Club Pro+ In Case

Phew, that is a lot of cool stuff. I’ll point out that within the app is where you can access the ANC, Ambient Awareness, as well as EQ. In other words, it’s where you can mold the Club Pro+ to your listening preference, as well as your environment.


Sharp all black look, and very comfortable. They offer touch capabilities for playing and pausing the music, which is very useful on the go.


I am overjoyed at the space we’ve been getting on the latest IEMs. Nothing too crazy, but enough to get the job done. The JBL Club Pro+ provide good spatial awareness, with a surprising width to it. As far as the sound itself, before I took any action on the app, the signal sounded quite flat across the board. I believe this is to let the listener have more control over the sound. The ANC made it just a bit tighter, while the Ambient Awareness made the whole thinner.

JBL Club Pro+ True Wireless


Solid, but it lacks the push to really bring it to attention, therefore it sounds limited in a sense, but it still provides a good backbone. If you dig bass, you’d have to see which setting does so for you, or EQ it on the app.

ANC On – They have more body, allowing them to get pushed more into focus. Sounded really nice.

Ambient Awareness On – Took body away, leaning more towards the subs.


Not as distinguishable, which has a more focused sound, just without any body.

ANC On – Much more prevalent, good definition. Blended with the others very nicely.

Ambient Awareness – Further lacking of midrange body


Not much clarity, but instead, brightness. Its an entertaining brightness though, not a painful one. Sounded very nice for the most part. 

ANC On – They lose a bit of their brightness for more clarity.

Ambient Awareness – Opens up air in the highs a bit, adds more brightness

JBL Club Pro+

All Around…

The JBL Club Pro+ are a solid pair of headphones. If it weren’t for their features and app, this would not have been nearly as enjoyable, but luckily that was not the case. If the tools are there to make them sound better, there isn’t really much bad to say. When I needed or wanted rid of a particular frequency range to my preference, I just went on the app to boost or cut, and it was effective.


I would definitely recommend these to those who are always moving, or if you’re simply looking for a nice pair of wireless earphones – as long as you’re willing to interact with the sound – these could well be the choice for you. Otherwise, they might sound a little too flat to enjoy. In close comparison to the JBL Live Pro+, I’d have to give these the one-up. I just enjoyed listening on the Club Pro+ more, the mid range provided a heavenly body to the music. However, sound is subjective in that regard, so, please do tell – which ones would you choose?

The JBL Club Pro+ are available on Audio46

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