Chord Releases Free DIN Guide

Chord Company DIN Guide

The question has crossed every audiophile’s mind – how do I make this sound better? 

The answer may lie in your cables. 

The folks over at Chord Company seem to think so, and for good reason. They have just released a user’s guide, Chord Company DIN Connections, for, you guessed it – the wacky world of DIN cables. Meaning, if you are experiencing issues with your system, or you are simply looking to upgrade, this free downloadable booklet is a good thing to get. 

Here they compare six of their DIN cables. Each of these are different from one another, and in this literature they explain these differences in a very easy-to-understand way, bringing a new light of understanding to us listeners. They also describe suitable applications for each.

For all the Naim users out there especially, you are in luck, for this booklet also includes a combination chart for countless products from them. This way you know what to look for, and if you don’t know at all, well then that’s okay too. If you were lost in the world of DIN, the Chord Company seeks to find you. 

Chord Company DIN Cable Guide

They also introduce some new products to the stage –

The very high quality ChordBurndy cables, which are made to order

The Chord Company Bridge, for enhanced audio streamer performance.

You can download this Free Guide Here

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