EPOS Releases the H3 Gaming Headphones

EPOS H3 Gaming Headphones

EPOS, a Danish audio and visual company, is seeking to deliver the next advancement in audio for gaming. They deliver the H3. 


Coming in colors Onyx Black or Ghost White, they are wired headphones with exchangeable ear pads. The goal of the company was simple: make the best all-round gaming headphone for a great price. They seem to have done it. With a light frame, it makes wearing the headphones effortless. Let’s look into what you get with the EPOS H3. 

EPOS H3 WhiteEPOS H3 Black

Clear and Concise Sound 

What color you choose is up to you – either way, you’ll get nothing but the high quality sound from the H3 thanks to their closed backs. What these backs also offer is a volume wheel, along with passive attenuation. This means that whatever you may be doing, you will be fully immersed in that experience, with the ability to control how deep you go. The frequency response calls for crisp highs and strong lows, both with such clarity, that one’s experience is taken to new heights. You are transported into your game.

Crisp & Accurate Mic Response

You won’t experience clearer communication anywhere else. They opted to use a studio-quality bidirectional analog microphone, which in comparison to their digital unidirectional counterparts, are easily superior. This means that it will only pick up what you put into it, without any extra unwanted noise spilling in, making for more effective multiplayer experiences. The lift-to-mute boom arm of the mic makes it easy to switch between talking and listening. 

EPOS H3 Action


One can use these headphones on just about every device under the sun – PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Switch, and both generations of Xbox – thanks to the 3.5 mm jack input. Literally plug and play. The analog wiring of the headphones makes it fit for everything with that input, and multi platform capability just adds to the list of things you can do with these. 


I know gamers, and I know they go hard. That is why when you’re gaming, you want a headset that you won’t want to rip off your head after a long sesh. The H3 boasts supreme comfort with their high standard of materials, calling for a comfortable head strap, and ergonomic earpads, to keep you gaming for as long as you want. 



At $119, it will be hard to beat the EPOS H3 gaming headphones. They say they have the best all-round headphone, and at a relatively lower price, it makes this a steal for customers. For that much, you won’t have to experience those pesky headset issues again. Seems like a fair trade. 


The EPOS H3 Gaming Headphones are available now

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