JBL Endurance DIVE Wireless Sports Headphones Review

JBL Endurance DIVE Wireless Sports Headphones Review

As a Beatles fan, I always dreamed of listening to Yellow Submarine while underwater. Well that dream came true, my friends. JBL’s waterproof earphones let you play your favorite tunes while floating in the deep blue sea. But just how well do these buds work? Are they really waterproof and really wireless? And do they sound half decent? Let’s find out in this JBL Endurance DIVE Wireless Sports Headphones Review.

JBL Endurance DIVE Wireless Sports Headphones Review

IN the BOX


JBL has mastered the sports fit. In fact, every JBL sports model I’ve tried feels more secure than any other brand I’ve tested. The earphones use JBL’s trademark TwistLock technology. You just pop them in and turn them until they seal in your ear. And for extra security, they’ve created an over ear rubber hook design. You can swim butterfly, and these buds won’t fall out. They feel about as comfortable as your Speedo goggles. That is, they’re not cotton balls in your ears, but they certainly don’t hurt. 

JBL Endurance DIVE Wireless Sports Headphones Review


These JBL Endurance DIVE have two major features: Bluetooth and MP3. If you’re swimming within 25 feet of your phone, a wireless connection would seem like easiest way to listen to your tunes. But here’s the bummer: the Bluetooth feature doesn’t work underwater. As soon as you dip your head, it stops. So, you’ll need to download some tracks on the MP3 player to listen to music while swimming. The good news is that the MP3 player holds up to 200 songs.

As with most wireless headphones, you’ve got the usual functions: play/pause, skip, volume and call answering / voice activated dialing. I have to say, talking on the phone while you’re sitting in water is ridiculously fun.


I’ll be honest with you. I tested these earphones in my bathtub because my boss wouldn’t pay me to go to the beach. But it’s a big bathtub, and I stayed in there until my fingers got wrinkly. Do they work under water? Yes. (Again, Bluetooth excluded). However, the touch controls are extremely sensitive. So, it took me a few tries before I got the hang of it.  

How will it hold up during a freestyle swim? If you’re an Olympian, I’ll admit that these controls might slow down your time significantly. But if you’re lounging at the pool and want to rock out or make a few calls, they’re perfect.

If you tend to hold your breath for longer than half an hour, just know that 30 minutes is the extent to which these headphones can handle being underwater. Sorry, scuba divers.

These buds also perfect for the gym. In fact, they’re the same design as the new JBL Endurance Sprint, but more expensive because of the MP3 player and waterproof design.

Battery life is 8 hours, and it only takes about 10 minutes of charging to yield one hour pf playback.


Wow. Could these be the best sounding JBL earphones I’ve ever tried? Weird. The high end is a little bright. But the famous JBL lows are ever present, and it’s the clearest sound I’ve ever heard on a JBL sports model.


I love these. The sound great and fit like a plunger in a toilet. But man, if only the Bluetooth feature worked underwater.  They’re also a little temperamental, and it takes a while before you get used to the controls. Either you’ll have enough patience to figure them out, or you’ll have a tantrum and throw them at the lifeguard.

Forgot to mention that they come in blue, red, black and teal.

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