JBL T110BT vs JBL Tune 205BT Bluetooth Earphones Review

JBL T110BT vs JBL Tune 205BT Bluetooth Earphones Review

We’ve said it before, and we’ll shamelessly say it again. We, at MajorHiFi, love almost everything that JBL makes. Great build quality and a super fun sound signature at an affordable price. This is what makes JBL one of the leading brands on the market. Today, I’m going to compare two Bluetooth favorites, the T110BT and the Tune 205BT. Separated by only 10 bucks, I was curious to compare the two earphones. My colleagues and I have written extensively about both the T110BT and the Tune 205BT here and here. This review is for those who are familiar with at least one of these models but remain undecided. So, which buds will suit your ears and listening style? Let’s find out in this JBL T110BT vs JBL Tune 205BT Bluetooth Earphones Review.

JBL T110BT vs JBL Tune 205BT Bluetooth Earphones Review


The fit is the biggest difference that sets these to earphones apart. If you value a good seal and you need decent sound isolation, go for the T110BT. In comparison, the Tune 205BT offers almost no protection from ambient noise, which is a problem if you live in a city. (If you’ve owned a pair of Apple buds, you’ll be familiar with the fit of the Tune 205BT.) Because of the soft silicone tips, the T110BT is also a more comfortable and secure fit. That being said, if you tend to lose your eartips or can never be bothered replacing them, then the Tune 205BT is a good solution.

JBL T110BT vs JBL Tune 205BT Bluetooth Earphones Review

Unlike the Tune 205BT, the T110BT has magnetic buds, which stick together and minimize confusion when the earphones are off your ears. But the Tune 205BT has its own special little feature; red and blue dots on the earpieces help you differentiate left from right.

JBL T110BT vs JBL Tune 205BT Bluetooth Earphones Review

Another feature added to the Tune 205BT is a little clip that holds the hanging wire together.

JBL T110BT vs JBL Tune 205BT Bluetooth Earphones Review

Both earphones offer 6 hours of battery life and share the same functionality with respect to the mic and remote.

JBL T110BT vs JBL Tune 205BT Bluetooth Earphones Review



Both earphones display an equal amount of powerful bass presence and impact. So bass lovers, either of these buds should make you happy campers. But the T110BT has a slightly subbier and fatter feel, while the Tune 205BT shows more clarity and detail. So, if you listen to a lot of hip-hop, you might prefer the T100BT. But if you’re more of a pop or rock fan, the Tune 205BT would be the better choice.


These buds are about equal in terms of midrange balance. But the T110BT offers just slightly more clarity and separation in this range. Again, this could simply be because the seal is better on the T110BT.


In terms of transparency, the Tune 205BT is on par with the T110BT. But when listening to pop music, percussion in this range is a little more sparkly and better defined on the T110BT giving it a touch more crispness and snap than the Tune 205BT. Still, the difference is minimal.


While the soundstage on the T100BT isn’t a lot more spacious than it is on the Tune 205BT, it does offer slightly more depth and overall sense of dimension to the track.


In terms of sound, there’s very little separating these two earphones. But fit is very important. And if you need to cancel outside noise or you have trouble with earbuds staying secure, the T110BT should be your choice.

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