JQ 4Upro Review

JQ 4Upro

I’d never listened to anything from JQ before until I recently listened to the 4Upro. These are a pair of IEMs that go for $239 and have a lot going for them. There are a couple of good IEMs in this price range, but it’s always nice to hear what a new brand can bring to the table. Does the 4Upro make it worth putting JQ on your radar?

JQ items

What You Get

  • 4Upro IEMs
  • Zipper case
  • Ear hooks
  • Quarter-inch jack
  • Airplane adapter
  • Cleaning wipe
  • Silicone, foam, and double flange tips
  • Warranty card

JQ single

Look and Feel

At first glance, the 4Upro seems like your standard IEM, with pretty artwork on the faceplate, and the same shell shape that you will instantly recognize. They remind me of a smaller ThieAudio IEM, which works to its benefit when it comes to fit. These earphones are handmade too, which is always a strength in terms of build. Overall, this is a comfortable enough fit that feels supportive and stable when worn for a few hours.

JQ cable


The 4Upro is loaded with a hybrid system, incorporating a single dynamic driver with four balanced armatures. A three-way crossover helps relegate the output for a more cohesive signal flow.

  • Sensitivity: 112dB
  • Frequency Response: 10-22kHz
  • Impedance: 19 ohms

JQ pair


Having no expectations from the brand gives me a nice level head when experiencing their sound. With the 4Upro, the soundstage took some time for me to appreciate its performance, as its layering and spatial aspects can be more subtle at times. I wouldn’t describe the stage as feeling open, but the individual sound elements still come through the mix clearly. They have good positioning and can be identified in the stereo field with some depth. This forms a tight bubble of sound that encapsulated the imaging well enough to feel immersive while preserving the body of the frequencies with effective clarity. There is little wrap-around, but the soundstage still operates with a spacious aura that gives this signature a non-linear appearance.

Low End

By far the most gratifying characteristic of the 4Upro is its hard-hitting bass. Its tone has a focused thickness that resonates through its response, offering an impactful sense of scale to the mix. The sub-bass reaches deep, forming gripping vibrations that provide such enriching energy to this timbre. These frequencies never become too boomy or muddled either, staying properly in their lane so as to not bleed into the mids causing cloudiness. Everything takes a clear shape and forms a bass timbre that delivers tons of awesome slam that bass heads will definitely flock to.


While the lows take some of the main focus away from the mids, the frequency response is still well managed in the midrange. Less drive is given to the mids, but their tone still feels even, preserving clarity in most regions. There’s no emphasis here that makes the instruments and vocal pop but still functions to hold the sound signature together and perform smoothly. Expect to hear a flatter midrange with minimal texture.


Much like the mids, the highs don’t get much more exciting, but they also don’t show any destructive recession. Some of the upper treble is taken out of the mix, but the fundamental highs still show some nice height and smoothness. There’s not much else that gives the treble any significant character, but they also don’t appear thin or hollow.


If you’re a bass head and are looking for a budget IEM, the 4Upro will be better than most. It has a strong bass presence that delves deep and is supported by a well-rounded soundstage with a balanced frequency response. There’s some good competition here, but the lows are going to be what makes or breaks this choice for you, as I feel it has some of the most enticing drive for its price.

Pros  Cons
  • Meaty bass
  • Good layering 
  • Smooth highs 
  • Handmade design
  • Quality cable
  • Price 
  • Less exciting mids
  • Not very wide 

The JQ 4Upro is available from Linsoul.

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