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Kinera Dromi - High Quality Cable 5

Kinera Audio recently released three new cables, the Leyding, Dromi, and Gleipnir. Today we’ll be looking at their mid-tier cable, the Dromi, which runs for $199 and is available in MMCX or 2-pin 0.78mm. Upgraded cables have been all the buzz lately, but not all of them offer the improvements they claim. Let’s put the Dromi to the test and see how it does, or doesn’t, perform. 

Kinera Dromi - High Quality Cable 5

What’s in the Box

  • Carrying case
  • 2.5mm termination
  • 3.5mm termination
  • 4.4mm termination

Kinera Dromi - High Quality Cable 5


The Dromi feels durable, luxurious, and tangle resistant. It has an iridescent silver shimmer to it, that immediately impresses the eyes before the ears have even had a chance to take in anything. It loops around the ears seamlessly, giving just the right amount of resistance.

The Dromi is a 122cm long, 4 core twist braided, 6N OCC litz silver plated cable. It contains 50 strands of 0.05mm silver plated OCC and 50 strands of 0.06mm silver plated OCC. Its plugs are plated with 24 carat gold and its eternal metal is made of Aluminum alloy anode. 

Each of the Dromi’s cores have a 1.5mm diameter and are independently insulated. This is meant to avoid sound distortion caused by the skin or proximity effects, along with giving the wire a better antioxidant effect. The Dromi uses a combination of copper and silver wires, Kinera citing that copper has “better bass dive and sense of volume,” while silver has “treble ductility and sound resolution.” They claim this pairing is supposed to offer the best of both worlds from each material, leading to a more expanded, clarified soundstage, among other improvements.

Kinera Dromi - High Quality Cable 5

Sound Quality

I tested the Dromi with the following IEMS: 

With each of the IEMs I tried, there was an undeniable, distinctly noticeable difference and improvement in quality. I found that IEMs with a sharper mid range, damper high end, and added color benefitted most. Those with a sharper, more saturated mid range, like the Euclid, Neo, and Andromeda, benefitted from some added cleanliness and clarity to help flesh out their character and offset some of the grit. Those with a damper high end, such as the Euclid and RAI Penta, were given a lighter feel to their treble. Damper highs can feel natural and balanced, but can often benefit from a bit of added purification to alleviate any residual stuffiness or rounded off detail.

In terms of soundstage improvements, this was also undoubtably noticeable across all the IEMs I tested it with. The Dromi seems to insert extra air between layers and increase the sense of depth. With IEMs that already have an abnormally wide soundstage, such as the Andromeda, the Dromi really takes the preexisting width and runs with it, stretching things further and removing any overlap. The Dromi also seems to improve low end cleanliness, though I felt this was more so an indirect benefit of the clarified soundstage allowing more space for the lows to breathe on many of the IEMs I used. 

Kinera Dromi - High Quality Cable 5


The Dromi is certainly not the cheapest cable ever, but it respects the money you spend on it. It’s not a mindless accessory, and certainly offers an appreciable increase in quality that makes you excited to hear your favorite IEMs in their best light. 


You can purchase the Kinera Dromi at Audio46

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